Varsity jacket.

I found this great store that actually is really affordable (as the store name also applies- Five pound tee (click)). Basic shirts and jackets, nothing better. So I got this jacket and white shirt with red stripe on the back. On the back of the jacket it actually says 00 f*cks given and I think it's pretty cool. 
Last days were really busy but I have finally finished one part of my journey. I have finally graduated from college and I am really happy that this part of my life is over. :)

Alsooooo I am wearing my new watch from Urban watch (click click) and I have a discount for you! Use "katiquetteblog" for 10% off!

Jeans- H&M, bag- Young Hungry Free (old), sneakers- Adidas, jacket- Five pound tee (here), shirt- Five pound tee (here), watch- Urban watch (here)



The ultimate mom jeans.

So... these are the ultimate mom jeans. My mom literally wore them when she was younger. Who knew! They fit perfectly, really. Better than any modern jeans I own. And the material is much better also. Why don't they make this kind of jeans anymore? I was so happy when I found them, actually I just found some vintage jeans that would fit me on Ebay but luckily I found these ones accidentally the same day, ha! Talk about coincidence.
So I noticed some trend about extra long sleeves and with holes, it looks kinda different, don't you think?

Jeans- vintage Casucci, heels- Paper dolls, turtleneck- Chicwish (here)



How to make a suede choker necklace.

This has to be the easiest DIY I have ever made. As many I am too very much fond of this suede choker necklace trend. I really didn't want to spend any money on it so the other day I found my shoe laces that I ordered from Ebay two months ago. There was a little bit left and fortunately just enough for my choker necklace. Basically you just want to make sure that it is not very thick. They sell a bunch of sizes. Mine is 3 mm and you get quite a few meters for as little as 1$. I mean it depends on the seller. Would you even guess that this is a DIY necklace? :) 

Find the laces - herehere or here

suede choker necklace, diy jewellery, DIY


Grey scarf.

You know that Acne grey scarf you are seeing probably everywhere this winter? Well I am obsessed with it. But of course way to expensive. So I found this one instead in Graz. BikBok is a label I heard of before but never seen the store actually so it was quite refreshing. I loved the minimalist clothing there.

Coat- H&M, jeans- Asos, sweater- GAP, boots- Comma, scarf- BikBok



Denim lust.

These are some of my favourite models of jeans currently. Actually mom jeans but slimmer version. High waist of course! I want to have them all! Currently I have only a few of these models, gotta save money for more, ha! Never enough of good pairs of denim. Asos mom jeans are really good from my experience, good thick material and nice fit. I am currently testing Cheap monday Donna jeans and things are looking good. Also I'm searching for nice vintage Levis, 550 model is my favourite!

mom jeans, asos jeans, highwaisted denim, ripped jeans, shopping, urban outfitters, levis, cheap monday donna jeans

1- Cheap monday (here), 2- Cheap monday (here), 3- Asos (here), 4- Asos (here), 5- Urban Outfitters (here)