Striped knot.

So summer is here and I have been posting all covered up outfits. Well of course there is not summer and that hot everywhere! But anyway this black denim skirt was on sale and it was such a bargain. Perfect for summer. Sales are everywhere now but I like most the Asos sale, guilty! Their stuff is just too good. But if you're on a really small budget you might want to go through your parents wardrobe. From when they were young-er of course! You can find such cool stuff there, let me tell you! Totally worth to check. 
Another thing if you're on a budget. These fab heels are from Rosegal store and I know you might be sceptic as was I because it is a Chinese store but for once I gave them a chance. They are really comfy and soft AF. I think there is a little foam in the sole! Not disappointed at all!

shirt- vintage
skirt- Anita and Green
bag- Parfois



Battle of Bastards.

My ultimate life goals in one photo. London, Levi's, sneakers and messy hair. Or at least the last three parts like every day. Basically once you start a job you become really limited at wearing stuff if you don't want to change clothing after work. I mean if you live in the suburbs. I have a new pair of ripped jeans and where am I actually going to wear them? First world problems. Basically these are my favourite photos from London regarding the city streets. I meannnn how cool is this one? Bricks and whites and blacks, uhhh. Maybe I can build my London street here in the old little Slovenia.
Also can we talk about the latest GOT episode? Hands down the best thing that has ever played on TV in the whole history of TV. 

Jeans- Levi's 501 vintage
Jacket- Zara
Sweatshirt- H&M Men
Sneakers- Adidas
Backpack- Humanic
Watch- Urban Watch



90' style picks x shorts.

Here we are back in the summer time! I love 90' so I tried to find some denim shorts in that style. I am dying to get them, really. Longline and highwaisted, sing me up please. Some of them below are just normal highwaisted shorts but hey, you need any kind if it will be that hot outside. Most of them are from Asos because I just love their store. So many pieces to choose from!
So when I check up 90' style I always end up at Bon Jovi style files. When they were young of course! I am a huuuge fan of them and if I could live my teenage years in the 90'.....boy oh boy!

1- here, 2- here, 3- here, 4- here
5- here, 6- here, 7- here, 8- here


Levi's shorts.

I can not even tell you how long have I been searching for Levi's shorts! But now just in time for summer I found them and they fit like a glove. Actually I don't really understand the sizing of vintage Levi's. A month ago I got a pair of Levi's 501 and on the label they were larger in waist but in reality they were smaller than my first Levi's jeans! I got these shorts in the same size as my first pair and they are good. I swear by Ebay when searching for them. They are pretty hip right now so a lot of people is selling them.

Shorts- Levi's 501 vintage



Ash x denim.

There is pretty much time for skirts and shorts but not in London! It was kinda chill mostly so layers were a must. This is one of my last London outfits, as you might noticed I was pretty sporty all the time. I can not even imagine how some women travel in heels, like Jesus help them. I almost died at the end of the day in sneakers, let alone heels. This one is one of my favourites, concrete and ash x denim. What's new! Soon I will be posting some summer looks, stay tuned, kittens!

Jacket- Bershka Men
Jeans- Asos (here)
Backpack- Humanic
Sneakers- Adidas Stan Smith