Fuck this and fuck that.

Another black and white outfit, what can I do. Black is my companion this winter almost every day. :)

Pants- Topshop, shirt- H&M, blazer- Promod

Photos by Uroš Kramberger




My favourite combo this winter, all grey! This grey sweater is really my it item in my closet right now. 
I can't believe that Christmas is just around the corner. It is my favourite holiday. The Christmas lights and everything... magical. :) But until then still a lot of work and studying, weeee. :) Anyway, yesterday I spent some time with my grandma, she is the best person. I always love her advices and positive attitude in the times when I need it the most. :)

Sweater- H&M, bag- Zara

Photos by Jan Kršinar



I would wear.

Here are some of my favourites from some web stores... Don't forget to use core "HolidayKatiquette" for 15% off your Daniel Wellington order! Valid whole December!:)

Sneakers- Adidas, shirt- HERE, cardigan- HERE, jeans- HERE, watch- HERE



Hello shearling jacket! I still think they are the dopest jackets in town, just like last winter. I've been wearing my black one a lot now, warm and comfy. It looks large, but I love oversized jackets. Anyway, I noticed I have quite some photos near this red fence, ha! It reminds me of London, maybe that's why.:) I am dreaming of going back to London for almost two years now, I wish next year it this trip will happen. I regret not partying while I was there last year, I don't know what was wrong with me then, ha.:) 
Do you notice my lips on the second photo, do they look nude-ish? I discovered the best nude lipstick ever, it was limited edition from Alverde. I tried too many nude lipstick over the years, all were so fake, but this one...magic. Interesting that sometimes the brands that you don't even notice have the best things. :)

Jacket, sweater- H&M, boots- Bershka

Photos by Jan Kršinar



Casual Monday.

Casual Monday! Here is my new fave fake leather jacket and all I can say about it that it is actually warm. Most of these jackets are think, but this one is quite something. And it is an oversized model, dream come true! Now when it is a bit colder I am switching these slip ons with my hi top slip ons, obsessed with them!
What a bad December this has been until now, I thought it will be fun and happy but it is all the opposite. Too much work, too much stress, too much negativity. I hope it will turn out better at the end :)

Jacket- New Yorker, sweater- H&M, pants- Asos, slip ons- Topshop

Photo by Jan Kršinar




Lovin my Daniel Wellington watch!<3 Don't forget to use "HolidayKatiquette" for 15% off your order + free shipping! Valid whole December!

Photo by Robert Ribič