The motorbike.

GB is obviously following me everywhere I go, ha! What a great motorcyce, wouldn't midn having that one back at home. Today we are leaving for Barcelona, excited! Yesterday was crazy as the night before, I am still pulling pieces of myself together. Valencia is one hell of a city, gotta say. X)


Le beach.

Finally sea again! One of the most beauiful beaches I have ever seen. But unfortunately it was cold as fuck yesterday again. Anyway some boys made it warmer so all good, ha!


Valencia #1

Hola from EspaƄa! First of all it is so cold here and we didn't expect it, ha! While we are waiting for the sun to show up, I finally got to outlet store and got a ton of working out clothes and sneakers, yaaay. Gotta love Adidas. <3


Camel cardigan.

One last outfit post before I leave for Spain! Can't waitttt. As usual, bad things are happening just seconds before, but I am used to that kind of stuff already, ha! And I have a ton of work to do for college but I guess I will have to do it on vacation also. Never relaxing, what can I say. Anyway, yesterday I met such a gorgeous guy, weird feeling haaa! Blue eyes are killing me from now on obviously.
I saw that video of Natalia Kills and Willy Moon commenting Joe Irvines performance on X-factor and it was one of the most disgusting things I have ever seen. What a primitive couple. No wonder the world is what it is if this kind of people are famous. The fact that they bullied that awesomely dressed Joe Irvine guy is beyond my understanding. Sick and disturbed, that sums it quite good. Team Joe all the fucking way.

Pants- Topshop, shirt- Asos, bag- Promod



Furry coat and high waist.

Honestly, I am so into this coat that is almost ridiculous. I always wanted one with this sick texture. Gotta find one in black and then my life will be complete, ha! I mean... the best coat ever. Next winter I will rock it every day. Who knew some day I will be excited for winter to come, ha!
So Spain is really close and I was just searching for a great outlet store there. Gotta find some work out gear, Adidas obsession is killing me this time.:)

Coat- Glamorous, jeans, shirt- Asos, heels- Bershka



Pencil skirt.

An idea of how to make a simple sporty sweater more ladylike looking is right here, just tuck it behind in your skirt or pants. Sometimes I don't feel like wearing a fancy top with skirts because it seems too formal for me. So I just re-make a sporty or casual top so it fits better.:)
Yesterday was my last day on my Space Expo job and I feel kinda sad, I was working with awesome people. Too bad it was just for a short period of time. But exciting times are ahead, Spain! Oujeee! 

 Skirt, sweater- H&M



Truck situation.

Do you know that feeling when you think you can share some of your opinion with a friend without being judged but then you realize that you basically are being judged for having a different opinion and different preferences? Well I know and have it. It's funny how people get so offended by small and unimportant things. Anyway, to conclude this, as I like to say... so freakin' what.:) 
Here is another set with this awesome Tobi store (click)! Still obsessed with this store, no joke!

Slipons- Topshop, shirt, pants- Tobi (here)

Photos by Eva Boruta, edited by me