Bomber + midi.

Bomber + tight midi skirt is my favourite combo, honestly. This H&M skirt is sooo good that I am actually sad that they didn't put it in stores in the summer. Now it is a bit too cold for it. Anyway, the split in the back of the skirt is the best, you can zip it up and down actually.:)
I am having a photoshoot today, fun fun fun! A photoshoot day is always a good day, I say.:) I just realized in the past days that once you stop caring about one thing it will come back to you in a second. Crazy shit! Makes me believe in energy that comes from the space even more. 

black midi skirt, black bomber jacket, peep toe boots, nude heels, all black outfit, blogger, uroš kramberger photography

Skirt- H&M, bomber jacket, heels- GLAMOROUS (here)

Photos by Uroš Kramberger



Grey knitwear.

Say hi to my longline coat! It is just perfect for the weather right now since is still not too cold. I got it at YOINS, check them out! My idea is that you can wear this coat as a cardigan under your winter coat too! A little layering never hurt anyone.
What a weird day was yesterday and it all started with the weirdest dreams. Anyway, if you haven't noticed Asos had a code 20% off (don't know if it is still valid?) and I finally ordered my hi top slip ons, wooohoooo. I wanted them for such a long time, can't wait to wear them!:) 

Sweater- H&M, pants- Topshop, heels- Bata, coat- YOINS (here)

Photos by Uroš Kramberger



Teddy coat.

I have been craving a new coat, gotta tell ya! Especially that teddy one. It looks a little bit more casual than faux fur if you ask me and warm as hell! I found one at Glamorous, siiiiiick coat! It is already on its way to me, get yours HERE (click click).

teddy coat, biker coat, blogger, black coat


Wrapped up.

Wuhuuuu finally my new fave booties are up here! I was really craving a nice pair of pointed chelsea booties with kitten heel but I always saw only the highest heels ever. So this was a nice surprise for a tall lady like me. They are from Deichman but I hope they won't wore out that quickly.:)
Anyway I want to thank you for you awesome comments on the last post, appreciate it!<3 I had such a stressful two days but yesterday evening was so good that I forgot about it immediately. :)

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Boyfriend jeans- H&M, shirt- Zara. scarf- from Turkey, booties- Deichman

Photos by Uroš Kramberger



Nude peep toe.

How do you like my new photos? I have a new photographer! His name is Uroš Kramberger, young and tall and talented. Check his Facebook page HERE! He is a really nice guy and I am really grateful that our paths crossed. Destiny! :)<3
As I am presenting Uroš I wanted to let you know that I have parted ways with my previous photographer. I was sad at first to learn that he is not the kind of person that I thought he was and I was wrong to consider him a friend. But I know that everything that comes our way is good for at least something. I will always be grateful to him for his time and effort since he helped my blog grow. At the same time I want to say that no matter how good the photos are, they are not worth shit when a person behind them is the way he is. But I guess I should have known that if someone tells me bad things about other people he works with, he is most certanly talking bad about me too. Peace!:)

Pants- Topshop, shirt- New Yorker, coat- Front Row Shop (here), heels- GLAMOROUS (here)

Photos by Uroš Kramberger



Autumn knits.

I am really crazy about knits, let me tell you! Large, oversized, heavy knits. Well not too heavy.:) I have been trying to find a nice black one but I can't find it. Well at least not at affordable price. Anyway, here are some details from my two outfits in the last few days. 


Camel trench.

A little too summerish outfit? I agree! But I completely forgot to post it and I have never shown you my perfect camel trench coat before. I was in search for a long camel trench for a while and this one I snapped at Zara sales in summer, it is really cool. I had the one from H&M before but it's colour was a bit too light for me.:) I think now it is a bit too cold for it but I am sure it will come in handy in spring.

Trench coat- Zara, heels- Topshop, crop top, pants- YOUNG HUNGRY FREE (here)