Jelly colour changing lipstick.

I am seeing it everywhere over the internet so for the first time I am making a different post. I love makeup but I don't post about it, I don't see a point in mixing clothing and makeup. Sooo this lipstick, how amazing does it look?! Jelly with inserted flower and pieces of what it seems like pieces of gold. It looks even more mesmerizing when you see it in person. It smells good, nothing special, not particularly chemical. You have more shades to choose from, mine is called Barbie doll powder.
On the lips it comes out nicely pink and it gets more intense in the first minute. Everything seems fine except the taste is absolutely gross, even to me. Smell is nice, but taste... oh boy. No thanks. So basically I will have it as something to look at, as decoration as it is really pretty.

Kailijumei lipstick, colour changing lipstick, jelly lipstick

Kailijumei lipstick, colour changing lipstick, jelly lipstick

Find it here- Kailijumei


Straw hat.

Beat the sun with some straw hat, why not. It makes the outfit more interesting and keeps you face safe from the sun rays. Double win! I usually wear it on the beach but sometimes you can whirl a good old summer city outfit up. 
This season trends are really on point. You put on a good old pair of Levi's and that's it! If you have them in the right size they are comfy af. Equally there are still lace ups, stronger than ever. I remember last year at the beginning of the summer I couldn't find lace up flats literally anywhere or if I did, they were sold out immediately. But now they are everywhere.

sweater- H&M men David Beckham
shorts- Levi's 501
hat- H&M
flats- Zaful (HERE)



Style snaps x WHITE JEANS.

A pair of white jeans is a good option to vary if you like basics. Sometimes you have to break the routine of wearing blue jeans and black pants. Biggest problem when you are searching for your perfect pair can be that they are see through. Ohhh I hate that. That's why I was searching for my perfect white jeans for a million years. Since I knew that Asos Farleigh model jeans have pretty thick material I gave it a try. They are so cool, nice thick material and not completely see through. I won't really wear black underwear underneath it but anyway. 

shirt, jeans- ASOS
jacket- vintage



Formal summer.

In these hot days you just can not wear long pants all the time, especially if you have some kind of a work dress code. Short elegant pants are a good option next to skirts if you are a boss lady, yeah. I've been enjoying these pants very much. The thing about Zaful store is that you can not really know which items will be great and which will be just another Chinese item. Thicker materials are great, but sometimes you get that cheap thin material. And I believe it is the same with most of Chinese online stores. With shoes I am really careful, heels are usually good just for a little change but you know, you get what you pay for. But since everything comes from China basically, it doesn't hurt to test some of the Chinese stores too! You can find a pearl there for low price.

backpack- here
shorts- here
shirt- here
shoes- here
scarf- TOBI (here)



Why you should become minimalist.

A lot of times it is best if you don't think too much when you are getting dressed. That way you look more relaxed and your morning doesn't start with stress right of the bat. What's better! That's why I like to keep my closet pieces simple and simply organised. Among that come a lot of basic tees and now that a few years has gone by I can say I don't really miss any colourful shirts and blouses. I don't feel myself in them. When I was younger I always put my outfit out in the evening for the next day, ha! Oh, I don't miss these days. Better to just throw on what you feel like the first thing you open the closet doors! You save on time, money, energy, you feel much better. Nuff said!

shirt- Asos
skirt- Anita and Green
sunglasses- ZeroUV (here)