I've told you about Galeano Honduras shirts and their charity projects before and I am wearing it again up here! They have the coolest prints, this "Coca-Cola"-like print caught my eye right away! It is getting warmer outside so obviously it's time for leather jackets and ohhh bombers too! 
I've noticed that I have quite some Spanish readers (thanks!!) and I just wanted to ask all of you if you know any good photographers from Valencia that might be interested into taking some outfit photos in the end of March? If you know any, let me know! :)) Thanks! 

Jacket- New Yorker, mom jeans, slip ons- Asos, bag- Zara, shirt- Galeano (here)

Photos by Eva Boruta, edited by me




Right off the bat I would like to start by mentioning this amaaaazing store TOBI! They have such an amazing clothing, from soft bras to fur jackets. I wanted to share with you these quickly taken photos since I was just wearing my oversized tartan shirt by Tobi. There are more better photos of Tobi clothing to come, so stay tuned!
I was at the gym yesterday, finally! My muscles needed exactly two weeks of healing time. I never had such muscle pain in my entire life, no jokeee. Waking up in the middle of the night with the worst pain, this is smth I will probably never forget. And then of course they ripped a few times while healing but now I am all better. And ready to get that Victoria's angel body, haha! :) 

Fur scarf- Asos, jeans- Zara, jacket- Promod, watch- KOMONO (here)shirt- TOBI (here)



Khaki teddy.

I am really kinda obsessed with furry coats, I admit. Finally got one coat in colour to refresh my wardrobe before the winter is completely over. Anyway, obsessed! I never really liked coats without collar but now I see that they are kinda practical. I am still in search for my ultimate faux fur coat, hopefully I will find some in these final sales.:)
You can see my KOMONO #2 watch right here! How stunning is this watch?! Big and round, just how I like it.

khaki fashion trend, teddy coat, khaki coat, blogger outfit, minimalistic style

Pants- Zara, coat- Glamorous, bag- H&M, watch- KOMONO (here)

komono winston watch, minimalistic watch, silver mesh wrist watch



Komono #1

Something for all black lovers, here is my new addition, an awesome Komono watch! I am just in love with it! The best part of it are the straps, they are hairy. Very cool detail if you ask me. And the watch itself is quite large so it makes it even cooler. 
Check out Komono store, they really have nice watches for affordable prices. I can't wait to show you the other two additions by Komono to my watch collection.<3

Get this pony hair watch HERE


Moto chic.

Finaaaaly the exam period is over! And now only a month to my trip to Spain. Oujeeee! I can't even wrap my head around the fact that I am going to Spain finally. It is like a dream come true. I was just browsing through some online shops to find something still on sale for my trip. Some high waisted jeans and crop tops are on top of my list, like always. Can't help myself. 
Here is another shot of my Cluse watch, I just love the silver mesh. And talking about watches, I am just waiting for some other watches to come in my life, I have become quite the collector, ha! Watches are probably the only "jewellery" that I like. :)

Coat- Zara, pants- Topshop, sweater- Front row shop (here), bag- Oasap (here)

Photos by Eva Boruta



Fur scarf.

I finally got my fur scarf and I am pretty much obsessed with it. I love it with my old black coat, it makes it like new. Here is just a quick outfit from yesterday, black + striped shirt is kinda my favourite outfit. And this fur scarf, ahhh. I will get some awesome fur coats soon, can't wait to wear them! Hopefully it will not be too warm.:) 
Anyway, have you watched 50 shades? Did you like it? I actually did! But probably because I read the book and I loved it. The movie was like a little something to refresh my memory. :)

 Pants, shirt- Zara, booties- Mass, bag- Promod, scarf- Asos