Hello, my friends!:)

Here I am posting on my new blog! I have never read any blogs in my life nor cared about style and fashion but I guess everything turns around at some point. :)
Hope you like my first post and my outfit...You can never go wrong with boyfriend jeans. Hopefully next time with more photos :))

You are probably wondering who I am so let me introduce myself. I am Katarina Vidic from Slovenia, that small country in Europe. Born in 1991 to my madre and padre, who are thrilled to have the best daughter in the world. ;) As I said I never cared about fashion that much. Only a year ago I started to  post my looks on Lookbook, but it never occured to me that I should start blogging. Then I got some positive feedback on LB and I said- let's start blogging! Then half of a year passed (because I am lazy, it's true :)) and here we are now :)

   Shirt- H&M, boyfriend jeans-New look, shoes-Asos, blazer- H&M, bag- New look

Till next time.....
Katarina :)

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