Stairway to heaven.

It is soooo hot here in Slovenia! And ofcourse I had to work for the past couple of days in this heat. No, there was practically no airconditioning inside. I swear I checked my watch every five minutes because I wanted to know if it is already time to go home.
Sales are going to an end and I know the prices are getting lover but I can't go shopping unfortunately. I am saving for London! Oh! I wish I had a loooot of money. So, I am leaving for London on wednesday, pretty exciting! I hope the weather is going to be ok. 

Practically everything I wear I bought on Zara sales, except heels. When I bought this Zara leather shorts I wasn't sure if I should, because I thought who the hell wears leather in summer?! But now I see that is not that bad, I wear them pretty often, they are comfy. :)

Leather shorts, shirt, bag- Zara, heels- S.Oliver, watch- Police

Photos by Eva Boruta



  1. Super outfit, če te kaj potolaži nisi edina ki trpeče gleda na uro med službo. :)

  2. Greta outfit! I have the same shorts and love them to bits!


  3. Very nice shorts, they look great on you !


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