Finally a new outfit post! Since we went to London I haven't took any outfit photos. We were planning big time to take them in London, but the city itself was much more interesting and we didn't have any time for them.
What is new is that I finally moved into my small little apartment in our house and I love it. Just have to decorate it and buy some more furniture and it will be done! I have this really huge closet for my clothes and obviously I need to catch up because it isn't full yet. ;) I went to Zara the other day and found some really great pieces at ridiculously low price. But I didn't have enough time to go through all the clothes. I think it is the best if you buy sweaters and jackets now on sale than two months from now when they are pricey. A waste of money! If you know me you can tell that I always try to get the best for low price. :)

I bought this great shirt in London and I love it. I had to go to all of the H&M stores to find my size but it was worth it.:) I love the easy materials of the new H&M shirts so I got quite a few of them. :)

Shirt, bag- H&M, skirt- Zara, heels- Primark

 Photos by Eva Boruta



  1. Super, sem že gledala to krilo v Zari, res je lepo. :) xx

  2. Lovely stuff! You have a new follower too :)

    Lela xo



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