I heart London.

Got back from London a few days ago and it was awesome! I fell in love with London immediately. Now I say if I ever go back I will stay there and won't come back to Slovenia. The people are soooo nice and polite, the energy in the city is just....unbelivable. We went to the Oxford street every evening to do a little shopping and on this street you could see the real fashion trends. Almost everyone was very fashionable and no one cared if you had a sock on your head. I guess the people here are used to see everything possible and nothing surprises them. It was a real kick for me in fashion way. It is not a bad thing to be different, more edgier. It is actually a very good thing!

I gotta tell you about my obsession. I love the queen Victoria and prince Albert. Since I found out about them they are my love inspiration and one of the reasons I was very excited about going to London. The Kensington palace was beautiful and I couldn't even imagine that they were walking on the same ground as me so many years ago. It was where they saw each other first and where their love story began. Magical! You can see that they loved each other very much and I can only hope I will have what they had with someone.

As you can see on the pictures I wasn't even trying to wear anything special. Just denim shorts, shirt and my comfy chucks every day. I brought a few long pants with me on this trip and only one shorts because I thought that it will be raining more, but it was hot every day!! So I got stuck with one shorts. Didn't find others i the stores that would suit me (and not be pricey;)). :)

And also something special happened in London...an eternal memory! Will tell you in next post, stay tuned.:)

Went to Starbucks after 4 years.

Road to Buckingham palace

St. James park

The tube

Queen Victoria, Kensington palace

Natural history museum

Prince Albert

Victoria and Albert


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