The black boot.

I am obsessed with boots, expecially those ankle height. Can't get enough of them and when I see the perfect pair I just can't stop myself from buying it. I think black boots are a must have in any closet. Below the photos you can see the links to some of my favourite booties from Asos! Happy shopping!:)

Photos collected from Pinterest.

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  1. Black ankle boots are a musthave indeed! I have now 2 pair (I guess :p) but I'm going to buy another pair, at asos ;) xx

  2. I guess that's an obsession we have in common then! My friends keep telling me "you always look at the same type of shoes". I am looking for some resembling the Chloe, I found exact knock offs on the website Choies but since it's a chinese site I'm afraid about the quality and having to return them... The Faith Stockwell Black Leather Ankle Boots you put from Asos are really nice too, the Underground too.


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