Fly like a cannonball.

This past year has gone by so quickly, it's crazy! It hasn't been the best year but what can I do.The most memorable was trip to London! Can't wait to go back! But until then... fingers crossed for the very best next year. Study hard and meantime having fun is my plan. Oh, and maybe travel a little bit. I dream about visiting every country in this world! Counting now I have visited about eight countries...hmm, low number! But you have to start somewhere, right?! 
I am still cray-cray about tartan, just bought a new tartan scarf. And I am still waiting for my perfect bag to arrive! It has been about a month but I guess transporting it from Asia might take a while obviously. And I truly hope some day it will arrive. 

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Jacket, bag- Zara, shirt, beanie- New Yorker, booties- Asos

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Photos taken by Eva Boruta, edited by me



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