I'm back from Vienna and I loved it! It is never bad to wide your horizons! It is a very romantic city, those Christmas lights in Vienna are spectacular. Really beautiful. Our plan was to go shopping too and we did but time wasn't our friend this time. It is definitely better to go abroad for more than a few days if you want to see and do everything. It came that far that we missed our train back to Ljubljana! How crazy is this! And the next train was leaving Vienna the next day! Thank god we found another ride home. It was pure luck! Other than that we had good and bad experiences on our trip, from insane people to flirty Hans guys. But one thing that is really the best are their traffic connections. I wish we had underground and trams here in Ljubljana. 
Shopping was pretty good, we went to Primark and to outlet in Parndorf. I spent a fortune in Primark, since we don't have it in Slovenia. I was searching for a nice winter coat and I just didn't find one anywhere. But today I had to go in Ljubljana and I found it! Long and green, just what I wanted. 

wien, vienna, dunaj

wien, vienna, dunaj, christmas, lights, messer

wien, vienna, dunaj, starbucks, coffee

wien, vienna, dunaj, christmas lights

wien, vienna, dunaj

wien, vienna, dunaj

wien, vienna, dunaj, retro

wien, vienna, dunaj, christmas

wien, vienna, dunaj, christmas, messer

wien, vienna, dunaj protest



  1. Gorgeous photos Katarina! Amazing there! <3!

  2. Prve tri fotke so bo┼żanske..


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