The other day these fine gentlemen from Gntlmn STL (click click for an awesome men street style!) took photos of my outfit for Cosmopolitan Street style and I honestly can't believe how cool and beautiful photos are! I admit, I am obsessed. I have even put one of them up on my smartphone as a background photo and if you know me, you know that usually I would never ever put a photo of me as a background on anything. Ha! :) Robi is for sure one talented fella!:))
It has been quite a while since I've worn my denim shirt before this pic, I just keep forgetting what I have in my closet. Now when the spring is coming I must reorganize it completely, I might find some long lost shirt or something. I've noticed I have way too much jeans I'm not even wearing. This is a course of sales, let me tell you! You just keep buying things just because they are half their original price and this is so bad! I used to be like that but now I am really trying to be more selective. But it is really hard to resist, so as an excuse I would say... yolo? :)

Coat, jeans- Zara, denim shirt- H&M, bag- Annaxi, boots- Bershka, watch- Police

Photos by Robert Ribič



  1. Awesome outfit dear...loved your bag a lot...:-)

  2. Such an amazing look!! You look beautiful!!!
    You have a beautiful blog here!! I am now following you via GFC. Hope you will follow me back!

    Greetings from Fashionbyladym.blogspot.com

  3. Maybe classic but perfect ! Beautiful !


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