Menswear inspired.

I've been loving menswear lately. Menswear inspired pieces are just so simple, large and minimalistic, just what I like. For spring there is nothing better than a pair of loose men pants, white button up shirt and flat lace up shoes. And suits are so insane, I can't wait to find one pair of trousers and blazer in the same colour!! These outfits on the pictures below are soooo good. I'm not into ties for women that much, but I might try it one day. I would pair a menswear inspired outfit with feminine bag like that Chanel Boy bag. Uhhh, that bag is on my mind a lot lately and I've found a great lookalike online. Should I get it, that is the question! :)

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  1. I swear I'd wear every single outfit!! I am also deeply in love with menswear and after 2 years (!!) I have finally found the perfect boyfriend-jeans.
    A white buttoned shirt, loose black pants and derby shoes are still on my wishlist !

  2. I love menswear inspired and these outfits are just perfection, I like them all!


  3. Very cool post, love this trend :)
    Do you want to follow each other,let me know on my blog?!


  4. love this inspiration posts!

  5. im your new follower by the way ;)


  6. I am waiting for your menswear inspired look


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