Shearling jackets are clearly my obsession! They are just so cool, I want them in every colour! As a matter of fact, I got one couple of days ago in my favourite colour, all black. It just goes with everything and it's so warm. Well this one from H&M isn't so much when it comes to under zero degrees, but my new one is a little bit warmer and so comfy. Price difference is really obvious with these two jackets, my  new one is definitely a better quality. I can't wait to show it to you! My jacket collection is getting bigger and bigger, this gotta stop. :) 
Today I have a busy day ahead of me, I have started working now since my exams are over and it's kinda hard to go back to work. I really got used to being home with my pets a lot. But what can I do, another shearling jacket won't be bought by itself for me. Did I wrote this down right? Oh, English, sometimes I wish it would be my first language. :) 

Shearling jacket, shirt- H&M, bag- Deichman, boots- StyloweButy, leather pants- Topshop

 Photos taken by Eva Boruta, edited by me


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  1. Stunning pics dear...loved your outfit...super cool...:-)


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