Valentines day.

<3 Oh, Valentines day. I love this day! I remember a few years ago I was walking down the street and a complete stranger gave me a rose because it's Valentines day. I thought it was sooo sweet and I don't know any women that doesn't like flowers. They are so much better than any other gift. This year it won't be special for me, but I hope it will be for you!:) I love you all.:) <3
Just made my Valentines day look, red lipstick is a must! And some sexy gloves to spice it up on the outside, but on the inside don't forget the hottest lingerie.:)

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Coat- Topshop, dress- Tibi, heels- Alexander Wang, bag- Caviar Gauche for Zalando, gloves- Roeckl, lipstick- Dior


  1. Love this look! Happy Valentines day <3 xx

  2. I love the shoes <3

    The Cutielicious

  3. Beautiful items, especially the coat!
    Naomi, x


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