Probably the last time I'm wearing faux fur jacket this season! It is already pretty warm, well at least during the day, at the evening it is pretty chilly so this jacket is perfectisimo. :) I had such a lovely day yesterday, ahh. One of the things I did in the evening is I went to H&M and finally they were selling my favourite trend this year- slip on sneakers. I have been wanting those snake print sneakers since I saw them online and now I have them! Happy! The only thing I hate is that they look so large! And I have a normal shoe size, but because there are no laces on them they just look like a big boat on my feet. But I don't care, they are so perfect and the colour is great. Now all of the sudden I will have two pairs of slip on sneakers. Heaven! :)
This picture wasn't meant to be published here but it just looks so random I had to put it up. And I am wearing a lighter pants on it for a change, ha! :) You can see my friend on the photo, well only her back, but the point is that she is probably reading this and I wanted to say to her ju ar a gud frend<3. :))

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Photo by Robert Ribič



  1. Definitely nice to see the grey...I share the same temptation to wear black all the time :)

    PS I bought the snakeskin print slip-ons too!! Couldn't resist :) Agreed though....they do come up on the big side!

  2. Great look, really like your blog! New follower! xx



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