Hair all over.

This is probably my last summer-ish outfit, weather is getting cooler and cooler now. These espadrilles were one of the best finds this year. I have never wore espadrilles before, they are so light and easy. Now I love them even more because one special person that I met last week wore them and he is literally the first guy that I know who wears them. And he looks sooooo good in them. Perfect. Really. :)
How do you like these hair all over photos? I am having so much fun doing them and they make a photo totally different. Props to the photographer Roberto. And I have another news for you. If you are following my FB page you already know but if you don't... 1st Class Fashion has chosen my outfit photo to be on their billboard ads in Los Angeles! How cool is that! :))

Shirt- Noisy May, pants, espadrilles- Asos

Photos by Robert Ribič



  1. I love this look, I so happy about new season's coming, can't wait to wear my autonm clothes

  2. Almost looks like a jumpsuit and fits you like it was made specially for you!


  3. Love the messy hair! And great look as always x



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