Hello shearling jacket! I still think they are the dopest jackets in town, just like last winter. I've been wearing my black one a lot now, warm and comfy. It looks large, but I love oversized jackets. Anyway, I noticed I have quite some photos near this red fence, ha! It reminds me of London, maybe that's why.:) I am dreaming of going back to London for almost two years now, I wish next year it this trip will happen. I regret not partying while I was there last year, I don't know what was wrong with me then, ha.:) 
Do you notice my lips on the second photo, do they look nude-ish? I discovered the best nude lipstick ever, it was limited edition from Alverde. I tried too many nude lipstick over the years, all were so fake, but this one...magic. Interesting that sometimes the brands that you don't even notice have the best things. :)

Jacket, sweater- H&M, boots- Bershka

Photos by Jan Kršinar



  1. that Alverde lipstick does look lovely on you! glad to hear you found the one when it comes to nude lipsticks!

    The outfit is really chic...the jacket is adorable...

    and funny how somethings remind us of some other...that red fence you of London ( I never been to London but that kind of red reminds me of it too, perhaps because of the buses?).


  2. great coat


  3. Lovely outift! classy, chic and cool!

    xxx from Paris!

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