Fresh start.

2015 is here and for the first time in years I feel like it is new, fresh start. Happy times! Let go of the old, bring in the new. I will bring in new today I think, sales started in Slo haaa! So here is the new outfit, this camel cashmere scarf has a history behind it. I got it in Turkey around 7 years ago and it is still like new! Oh, that were the times of my life, I just love to travel. Every time I go somewhere new, something very memorable happens and these are the moments I love for. Like Malta the last time, I will never forget it haha. And hopefully I will return there this summer for a longer period of time! :) 

Pants- H&M, shirt- Asos, jacket- Sheinside (here)

Photos by Uroš Kramberger



  1. Happy new year! I love the leather jacket/layered scarf look :)

    — Michelle | MXP STYLE

  2. love your jacket!!! totally versatile and would edgy up any outfit!! :D

    Animated Confessions


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