Jeans and fur.

Some fur scarf up here for the last time probably! I mean because the weather is warmer now. Gonna rock it in November again I hope. And my new fur jacket also. I am so in love with it, gotta take some photos of it asap.
I never thought I say this but I became obsessed with working out. Do you know that feeling? You just have to do it every day. No I started to eat more properly for muscle mass, but nothing major. This sh*t is expensive, man! :)

fur scarf, fashion trends, asos jeans

Jeans, fur scarf- Asos, jacket- Zara, watch- Komono



  1. Masz świetne spodnie, cudne masz w nich nogi!
    Pozdrawiam serdecznie, Mój blog/ klik! :))

  2. Ojaaaaaa!!! Najlepszy look! ♥ Pięknie wyglądasz, 100% mój styl! *.*

  3. Always a fan of the jeans and heels look! :)

    Fashionable and perfect for this season! :)

    Geekette in High Heels


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