Little black mesh dress.

This dress is just wow, probably the sexiest in my closet! Its back is stunning. For those wondering if you need a bra underneath- you don't! Because the back is crossed, this just pulls everything in the front up, ha! I think you just have to own one or a few sexy and elegant dresses. You never know when the opportunity to wear it will show up!
I am so happy because in a few months I will visit Paris! I was lucky enough to go to Spain earlier this year and now for finish Paris. I really can't wait to eat their food, to see the street style there and to spend time with my main man. <3

Heels- Bershka, dress- TFNC London (here)

Photos by Nina Tomc



  1. Very cool) Beautiful! www.elationofcreation.com

  2. You're absolutely right, this a very sexy dress.. and it looks stunning on you! :)

    Great set of pics! :)

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  3. It's definitely a very sexy dress! It suits you well ♡


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