Irresistible me hair.

Finally I can show you my hair extensions! They are from IRRESISTIBLE ME (here), remy quality (human hair). I am no expert in hair but since these hair feel like my own I might just say they couldn't get better. I was really struggling with which hair colour to get. I checked A TON of reviews to see the real hair colour but every one was different. At the end as you can see I choose a colour that is EXACTLY the same as mine! How on earth is that possible! Lucky. I have a bunch of photos of me and my hair here on my blog so you can see exactly what the colour of mine and ash blonde is.
So anyway I have chosen ash blonde, 200 grams and lenght 20 inches. I went with this lenght of hair but later realized that the lenght doesn't suit me as much so I chopped a bit off and now the length is kinda perfect. With 200 grams you get one 4 clip part, two 3 clip part, five 2 clip part and two one clip part. They come in a sealed packaging so everything is nice and clean to use. 
How raw are these photos?! Love them!



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