The camel coat and suede bag.

First part of my Missguided collaboration is here! This brand is on my top 5 list for sure. Trendy and just my style clothing. I'm happy I finally got my peep toe heels and also camel coat. Now my winter closet has tooo many coats, really. But I will survive. x)
Also what do you think about that bag? For a student like me it costs a little fortune but I can guarantee that it is worth it. Lately it has been my regular companion and as I would expect, the quality is superb. I bet I will still have this bag in the next ten years. All direct links to all items are down below! 

Coat- Missguided (here), hat- Missguided (here), heels- Missguided (here), pants- Topshop, bag- Ms. Little's bag (here)

Photos by Nina Tomc



  1. Super amazing! Love the coat and the heels!

    Love, Marie Roget

  2. Super! Wszystko mi się podoba :-) Botki i płaszczyk genialne :-)

  3. Love your outfit! I've never shopped at Missguided before, but love your bag x



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