Grey coat.

Second Missguided coat is making it's debut here and it is kinda perfect. I know I say this about a lot of clothing but if I compare some online shops and then stores in Slovenia, there is a big difference. So anyway, the coat.... Soft and not stiff at all! I love this about my coats. I am taller and my shoulders are a bit wider so stiff clothing is a definite no. Blazers and coats are the biggest issues I think with tall women. Of course it is hard to find a perfect length pants but let me tell you, to find a good coat that will fit nicely and that will have it's sleeves long enough, that is a whole bigger mission. 

Pants- Asos, heels- MISSGUIDED (here), hat- Missguided (here), coat- Missguided (here)

Photos by Nina Tomc



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