Paris rooftop.

Some Paris memories! The last day we were staying at the hotel on the top floor and it had a balcony. The view was basically just a lot of buildings, ha. Last day was probably my favourite of them all. A little bitter sweet because we were leaving but still. I hope one day I will visit Paris again. 
Anyway this shirt and my favourite mom jeans were my go to on this trip. The comfiest ever. I mean most people would say that they feel most comfortable in sweatpants but not me! :)

Jeans- Asos (HERE), belt- Asos (HERE), shirt- New Yorker (HERE)



  1. uwielbiam spodnie z wysokim stanem, obecnie posiadam jedną parę i choć moje mają luźniejszy krój, to zamierzam jeszcze kupić podobne do Twoich. Pozdrawiam :)


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