Wrapped Paris.

Paris is such a beautiful city! Very big with old buildings. Versailles was really huge, impressed me the most. It brought out my wish of having a huge house, ha. Anyway I didn't write anything up here while I was away, a little break of the computer and internet never hurt anyone. So now I will post some of my outfits up there. I tried to pack lightly and mostly basic pieces, they go with everything. I also thought I will buy quite a lot of stuff but at the end I didn't get almost anything except some cosmetics, leather jacket and hat. At least I saved up some money!:)

Coat- H&M, jeans- Asos



  1. Paris one of most tourist point in this world. Outlook that suite with this country.

  2. Paris is a beautiful city with beautiful people .. style and fashion is the soul of this city... Your photos are looking amazing http://www.youbella.com

  3. Paris is a beautiful city, fashion and style is the soul of this city..photos are amazing http://www.youbella.com


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