Flowing in the wind.

Finally I got a grey bag, I always wear only black ones, ha. This one is from Fashionshop, a Slovenian store, make sure you check it out!  They have a bunch of awesome bags. I love this model particularly, it reminds me of that Michael Kors Selma bag. 
So I finally feel like old me again. Actually new old me, ha! Got some stuff in order, got a phone... and I am back on Insta, missed it quite a lot. Make sure you follow me HERE! :)

Jacket- New Yorker, shirt- Zara, scarf- H&M, bag- Fashion shop (here)

Photos by Eva Boruta, edited by me



Close up.

Photo by Eva Boruta, edited by me



We just got our date for a trip to Valencia and it will be sooner than I thought! I can't waaaiiiit, I always wanted to go to Spain, because of tanned and bearded men too, ha! :) Anyway, here are my favourite pants again, now I am into high waist even more than before. I was just checking some high waisted skinny jeans at Asos but I found nothing... I love how high waist and totally skinny jeans beautifully shape a figure.:)

Pants- Topshop, shirt- Asos, coat- Front row shop (here)

Photos by Eva Boruta, edited by me



Candice Swanepoel.

It was about time to post a little about Candice Swanepoel style... she is definitely my only girl crush, she is simply beautiful. *.*

candice swanepoel, victorias angels, street style, candice swanepoel style, beautiful, models


Camel trench.

A little colour up here, not only black! This coat is like a dream, honestly. It falls perfectly.:) And this watch... heaven! Don't forget to use my code "katarina15" for 15% off price on CLUSE watches! You probably noticed that I went for a little different photo concept now, I hope you like it. It should all be about the outfit, right? 
How busy are these days now, studying all the time! I literally have three exams in two days next week, not good. :) But I still find time for movie, yesterday I saw Still Alice and I actually started to think about my memory, I forget things all the time, haa!:)

Coat, jeans- Zara, sweater- H&M , watch- CLUSE (here)

Photos by Eva Boruta, edited by me



Leather legs.

Again my favourite winter jacket, I can't get enough of it. I don't really wear my nude one anymore, just this one, tastes change all the time I guess. But if I change the subject how funny it is that I dreamt about rats yesterday, haaa. You might not know but a few years ago I had my own rat and I even made this cool cage for him. Oh, that were the good times. Anyway I read what it means if you dream about rats and it's all the bad stuff, woooot. But at the end there was an option that it might mean good stuff because rats are intelligent and they can survive a bunch of stuff. And since I actually love rats and I had profoundly bad weeks lately, lets just say that these dreams are a good boost for me.:) 

Jacket- Promod, pants- Topshop, booties- Bershka

Photos by R.R.



Silver mesh.

I just love the mesh strap watches and I've wanted one for ages.. finally it's mine!<3 You can get yours at CLUSE (click click) and also 15% off price with code "katarina15"!


Furry collar.

Sooo, here is the outfit I wore the other day! I love incorporating a bit of jeans in my outfit, gotta do double jeans soon. These jeans have been through a lot with me, including the last time I was freaking robbed, wooot. And not to mention that a day after I got sick, haha! Just my luck. So here I am, lying in bed and trying to get better. Can't wait to go to my regular daily routine, being sick sucks.:)

Photo by R.R.



Teddy vol.2.

Hello my teddy coat again! Fluffy and warm. I really want one in beige colour but everything is sooo expensive. I have to save money now that I booked a trip to Valencia! Wuhuuu, so happy! I was just thinking last week what new country will I visit this year and then couple of days later we booked Valencia completely spontaneous. I hope I will be even more in love with Spain after this trip. Spain and spanish men...mmmmm.:) 

Jeans- Zara, shirt- Asos, heels- Bershka, coat- Glamorous (here)

Photos by Jan Kršinar



Fresh start.

2015 is here and for the first time in years I feel like it is new, fresh start. Happy times! Let go of the old, bring in the new. I will bring in new today I think, sales started in Slo haaa! So here is the new outfit, this camel cashmere scarf has a history behind it. I got it in Turkey around 7 years ago and it is still like new! Oh, that were the times of my life, I just love to travel. Every time I go somewhere new, something very memorable happens and these are the moments I love for. Like Malta the last time, I will never forget it haha. And hopefully I will return there this summer for a longer period of time! :) 

Pants- H&M, shirt- Asos, jacket- Sheinside (here)

Photos by Uroš Kramberger