All black midi.

I have such fun days behind me, oh! I love holidays. Partying a little, sleep a lot, watching some movies. Today is bonfire night so we will hang out a bit, can't wait! But before I will hopefully have some time to do shopping, yeee! I need to find some more lace up sandals! 
How do you like my todays look? I am really into black, what can I do. And this jacket is still my favourite, awesome for colder and warmer weather.:)

Jacket- New Yorker, skirt- H&M, top- Zara, slip ons- Topshop

Photoy by Martin, Komatar, edited by me



Nude flats.

Denim on denim is probably one of my favourite combos lately. I aded these Zara flats that I bought in Barcelona! I was really surprised how lower the prices are at Zara in Barcelona. So of course I had to get them. They are just perfect and the upper material looks kinda expensive. :) How do you like the photos? I freakin love them! Martin just gets is and I can't thank him enough! :)

Jeans, shirt- H&M, flats- Zara, bag- Promod 

Photos by Martin Komatar, edited by me




In honor of yesterdays event in Ljubljana, AdidasxStellaMcCartney, I threw on this awesome Adidas sweater that I bought in Barcelona. I am so obsessed with this brand that is almost too much to handle. Three stripes are doing wonders, ya! I have such a busy day today, I am drinking all the coffee I can get because I have to be awake for the next 19 hours, whaaat! :) 

adidas sweater outfit, minimalistic, blogger

Sweater- Adidas, jeans- Zara, blazer- H&M, heels- Bershka, bag- Promod



Camel and slip ons.

I love warmer weather especially because now I can wear all my shoes, like these slip ons! And ballet flats and everything. It's the best part of this weather if you ask me! :) I just found out that they will be selling lace up flats in Parfois so I gotta check it out! Literally obsessed with lace up flats, gosh. 
Anyway, tonight is finally party time and tomorrow will be like a dream come true because I got the invitation to the AdidasxStella event and you know if it is anything about Adidas, I will run to it, ha!:)

Trench- Zara, pants- H&M, slipons- Topshop



Striped and cropped.

Cropped sweater and high waisted denim again, what can I do! I just love this kind of combos.:) How awesome photos did Martin take?! Love them, honestly. Don't forget to like his FB page here!:)

Sweater- Zara, pants- Asos, bag- Promod, heels- Glamorous

Photos by Martin Komatar, edited by me



Inspiration- Lace up flats.

It was about time to find a new obsession, right? This time these lace up flats, how good do they look! I am especially obsessed with the ones by Aquazurra and unfortunately I can't find a good lookalike anywhere. This is why I am thinking to do them by myself, it's basically just laces everywhere. :) 

lace up flats, aquazurra, fashion trends, inspiration, blogger


Leather skirt.

Sooooo, let me introduce you to my new photographer Martin Komatar (like his FB page asap!:)) through my new photos! Honestly, we didn't even discuss much the photos and he totally nailed what I wanted! How cool is that?! You will see more of his photography in the future posts and they will get better and better, I swear! Obsessed. I feel like I always wanted that kind of photos you will see in my future posts but I never really got them. So this is exciting, yes sir!
Since the warmer weather is finally here I threw on my new faux leather skirt from OASAP . I love their stuff and they are so nice to me, gosh. Obsessed again. 

Trench- Zara, shirt- Asos, heels- GLAMOROUS, skirt- OASAP (here)

Photos by Martin Komatar, edited by me



Shirt knot.

I'm sorry but I'm obsessed with these pants. I could wear them all the time. The best part is that they are long, because you tall ladies probably know how hard it is to find a good pair of pants that is long enough. 
Have you seen that Asos and Glamorous has massive sale? Check it out, I have found a ton of stuff and I can't wait to get the packages home, uaaa!:)

leather pants, black and white outfit, blogger, minimalistic style

Pants- Topshop, shirt, cardigan- Asos, watch- Daniel Wellington (here)



Tartan scarf.

I have brown hair, wtfff! Haha! It was the funniest thing when I was checking photos and only with this outfit and these photos I had these brown hair. Hilarious, gotta say! I don't think they suit me though.
I have a photoshooting tomorrow, finally! Really excited about that, so many new stuff to show. One of them you can see today, this scarf is the coolest ever, still love tartan. Practically the whole outfit you can shop in TOBI

Jacket- New Yorker, bag- OASAP (here), watch- KOMONO (here), shirt, jeans, scarf- TOBI (here)



Jeans and fur.

Some fur scarf up here for the last time probably! I mean because the weather is warmer now. Gonna rock it in November again I hope. And my new fur jacket also. I am so in love with it, gotta take some photos of it asap.
I never thought I say this but I became obsessed with working out. Do you know that feeling? You just have to do it every day. No I started to eat more properly for muscle mass, but nothing major. This sh*t is expensive, man! :)

fur scarf, fashion trends, asos jeans

Jeans, fur scarf- Asos, jacket- Zara, watch- Komono




Can you believe that it was actually snowing today? Haha! Anyway, I have been home in Slo for almost a week now and I had sooo much to do for college and stuff, insane. Yesterday I saw a Slovenian musical, a sad love story and it was actually hard to keep the tears from flowing. At the end I noticed all the women had their tissues in their hands, haha. I bet the men were crying on the inside like all winners do.
Anyway, check out my new OASAP coat, how cool is it?! 

Shirt- Zara, jeans- H&M, coat- OASAP (here)



Barcelona #2

My fave photo of Spain trip has to be this one! La Sagrada Familia is really stunning, like it says in the book. You are actually stunned. Oh, Barca is so wonderful. And drinking tall coffee every day is nice. And warm weather is nice. And Spanish language is so nice. And bearded men are so nice. x)
I was really casual in Spain and I think most of people are when they travel. I am actually wearing a knitted top that I bought here in Barca, love it. <3