50 layers of black.

This coat is literally everything! Finally a good wool coat, it was a bargain also! A lot of coats are not made of natural materials, but this one is more than 50 % wool. At least something! I am all into cotton and wool when it comes to coats and knitwear, no synthetic materials in full please!
Also don't forget to use code "katiquette_style" for 15% off at Daniel Wellington (here)!! Perfect gift for holidays! And free shipping is included, yeahhhh!

Coat- H&M, bag- Zaful, sneakers- Converse, watch- Daniel Wellington ("katiquette_blog" for 15% off), pants- Chicwish (here)



Little black bag.

Freakin snow started falling, whaaat. Too soon! I don't like such a cold weather, autumn is perfection. So I have some autumn outfits still ahead. But you can always layer up so they might as well be winter outfits. I got this Chloe Drew bag lookalike to present out here. I really like the design of the original so I had to get it. Looks so chic, this bag!
So I am a sucker for old songs and I have really been a fan of Elvis Presley songs but now I took the time to check his live performances and once you check this you of course continue to all other videos and god dang he was cool and handsome while we are at it. Oh boy my boy!

Trench- Zara, jeans- H&M, pointed flats- Mango, bag- LucLuc (here)



Dusty rose.

Dusty rose is one of my favourite colours lately, very romantic and low key colour but still it makes a great impact. I feel like it suits great to my skin tone. I especially love it on my nails, ayayay. Can't get enough. This dress is my fave currently not just because of the colour but also because it is suede. Freakin perfection! I think it is on sale right now. 
I have never done an evening post I think, something new. But I was kinda busy last days. Also this Paris situation totally freaked me out, so sad.

Hair extensions- Irresistible me (here), heels- Glamorous, dress- Missguided (here)



Perfect Holiday Gift.

Daniel Wellington is still one of my favourite brands, classy and minimal. Their watches suit basically every style there is. I feel like they bring a really over the top outfit or a very simple outfit to a nice balance. This is why I think it is the perfect gift for the holidays. I would literally buy it to all my friends and family if I'd be rich. I swear. 
They changed the package of the watch a bit I mean it is the same but it closes with a flip. And you get it in a perfect gift box, how cool! 

Use "katiquette_style" for 15% off at Daniel Wellington (here). Valid until 15.01.2016.


Bad days.

It is the weirdest time for posting because of that Paris situation, how terrible. I can't even imagine what the survivors are going through now and how they felt back then. Why is it always that inoccent people are dying. Also to feel even worse I have been waiting for my Paris trip for a few months and I will be visiting it in a few weeks and it just feels so weird to go in the city that mourns. But hopefully everything will be all right. 

Jacket- Zara, pants- Topshop, heels- Zaful (here), shirt- Chicwish (here)

Photo by Nina Tomc



A little nude dress.

I have a new brand up here called Rare London. A nude dress was on my wishlist for a while and I said I will give it a go with one of their dresses. It is textured material and quite thick. I love this kind of material because your undergarments can't be seen through. Or the lines of it can't be seen. So this is a plus. True to size thankfully and really form fitted dress. 
I have been really into makeup tutorials lately or better first impressions on Youtube. There is this woman Tati, that is also the name of her channel and I just love her. She just seems to give an honest opinions of the products and I love that! 

Trench- Topshop, heels- Zaful (here), bag- Zara, hair extensions- IRRESISTIBLE ME (here), dress- Rare London (here)



Grey coat.

Second Missguided coat is making it's debut here and it is kinda perfect. I know I say this about a lot of clothing but if I compare some online shops and then stores in Slovenia, there is a big difference. So anyway, the coat.... Soft and not stiff at all! I love this about my coats. I am taller and my shoulders are a bit wider so stiff clothing is a definite no. Blazers and coats are the biggest issues I think with tall women. Of course it is hard to find a perfect length pants but let me tell you, to find a good coat that will fit nicely and that will have it's sleeves long enough, that is a whole bigger mission. 

Pants- Asos, heels- MISSGUIDED (here), hat- Missguided (here), coat- Missguided (here)

Photos by Nina Tomc



Lace up and camel.

Some extensions and lace up shirt action today! I freakin love my hair so long, really. Every time I try to grow my real hair long like this but when I get to the certain length my hair become weak at the ends and they just split all the time. So I am stuck with not so long hair and then I chop them off. But now I can have long hair any time I want. Freakin awesome.

Pants- Topshop, heels- Bershka, blazer, H&M, shirt- Shein (here), hair extensions- Irresistible me (here)



Diane von Furstenberg.

I have landed my first designer bag, who would have thought. I actually posted my outfit really randomly at the E! Facebook competition and realized later that I was chosen by my fellow blogger, the gorgeous Ajda Sitar from blog Ajdas. So now I own this Diane von Furstenberg bag and life is a little better, ha.:)
Anyway, some simple outfit action today, along with my new white cami. Everyone needs a good white cami in their closet! I got mine at WalG, make sure you check them out. 

Jeans- Asos, cardigan- H&M, heels- Glamorous, bag- Diane von Furstenberg, cami- WalG (here), hair extensions- Irresistible me- Remy Ash blonde (here)