I can hear you.

Early Valentines gift came for me and I was really excited to get this one (FTR this is not a sponsored post)! A pair of a good earphones was always on my wishlist. I am no sound expert but since I always had the earphones that came with the phone I could actually hear the difference with these ones. They are the VASA model of Sudio earphones. I could actually hear every single beat, instrument in a song very clearly. Or maybe this time I was just listening very carefully, ha! But anyway let me tell you that these earphones knocked my socks off right off the bat. The packaging is absolutely gorgeous and this is the reason I had to take all the photos. You get this nice box that closes with a magnet and then you open this gift of God and you see two smaller boxes. In first one there are earphones and in second manuals and the most beautiful little leather bag to put your earphones in. I meannnnnnnn what! The best idea ever. No more tangled earphones, no sir! So basically you get a whole experience with these earphones. I will probably keep this whole box forever, ha! The black foam inside is a bit funky but this is probably the only thing that bothers me. The earphones itself are white and neat with rose gold housing. Lots of other colours available too, maybe a gift for your lover this Valentines day! Yes ma'am!

Use code KatisValentine'  for 15% off  Sudio Sweden earphones (click here)!

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