Perfect grey coat.

Happy New year you all! I am a little behind on all this but it still counts I guess, ha! :) I was fortunate enough to spent the first days of new year with the love of my life and in this cases I don't really spent any bigger time on computer. I am always really furious when I see couples on phones most of the time. Like when the movie in cinema ends they instantly grab their mobiles and sit there 5 minutes without saying anything. Just typing. What the heck!
So I was really searching for a good wool grey coat that is cozy and easy. And I finally found it. In a store that I don't really ever go in because I always saw their clothing a bit lower quality. But this time I saw their premium collection just randomly and fell in love with this grey coat. It is literally the most comfortable ever, it is woolen and warm as hell. And it is on sale right now in store! Also- IN LOVE with this bag! <3



  1. This coat really looks perfect! You styled it beautifully, I love your shoes!


  2. Casual yet chic! Love the coat the most! :)


  3. Nice :) it is so beautiful.
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