Skinny scarf.

Finally I can get my skinny scarf up here! I've had it for a couple of months but just haven't put it here in an outfit photo. I really love how it makes the whole outfit complete. Basically you could see this kind of skinny scarf everywhere. I was loling all the time when I saw the prices for it, I mean 10 €+ for this piece of fabric? I got it at sales for low price but basically you could d it by yourself at home. It is just plain chiffon but I guess if it is trendy they will just try to sell it for triple the price regardless of what is it really worth. Like everything in todays world.

Scarf- C&A, shirt- H&M, jacket- Zara, jeans- vintage Cassuci



  1. Top !! je suis fan

    Ann'so M

  2. Je suis completement fan de ce type d'accessoires, je trouve qu'ils donnent beaucoup d'allure a un style casual ! Et ca te vas tres bien !

  3. So, so, so perfect! This is my favorite combo ever!
    I could wear it all year long, haha.

    Love, Marie Roget


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