How to make a suede choker necklace.

This has to be the easiest DIY I have ever made. As many I am too very much fond of this suede choker necklace trend. I really didn't want to spend any money on it so the other day I found my shoe laces that I ordered from Ebay two months ago. There was a little bit left and fortunately just enough for my choker necklace. Basically you just want to make sure that it is not very thick. They sell a bunch of sizes. Mine is 3 mm and you get quite a few meters for as little as 1$. I mean it depends on the seller. Would you even guess that this is a DIY necklace? :) 

Find the laces - herehere or here

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  1. Très sympa le collier !

  2. lovely neck accessory!


  3. It's really great post!I love the Statement Necklace so much. I wonder if these styles can be get from a Wholesale Fashion Jewelry online store. Anyway,thanks for sharing this with us :)


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