Knit coordinated.

Wadap ladybugs! I am so excited because I am finally on my way to cut my bundesliga hairstyle. I meaaan it is not really bundesliga but close enough. And that is also bad enough! My upper layer is waaay to short for me to handle. So we are going to chop them off a bit as they should have been weeks before. Gotta be stylish as other bloggers, yesssss.
So I have this coordinate skirt and sweater in my closet for a while now but no appropriate time or weather to really wear it. Also originally the sleeves of the sweater are in a shape of a bell and I don't really know if I like this. So I rilled them up a bit and it actually looks good. Also the fit is perfect, skirt makes your waist like a waist of a Cathie Jung. Almost. But for real, waist elastic or whatever is really really tight. 

Skirt, sweater- Chicwish (here), jacket- vintage, heels- Paperdolls, watch- Urban watch (use "katiquetteblog" for 15% off)



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