Layer of stripes.

We went to Otočec the other day and I was wearing this camel coat with a pinch of stripes. Layers always make a dull outfit a good one. Layering a sweater with a white or striped shirt is a classic! Then a bit of colour just because it is spring time and you are good to go. Camel coats are my recent obsession. I had this one in closet for a year and only now I started to wearing it. 
Also how photogenic is this watch? I mean really, none of my other watches look so good on photos, ha! Scroll down for a discount code on the beauty!

Jeans- Asos, shirt- Zara, sweater- H&M Men, coat- Missguided, bag- Parfois, watch- Urban Watch (here, use code KATIQUETTEBLOG for discount!)



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