Levis 550.

Finally some Levis action, yes! I have been seeing this trend all over Insta, Pinsta, Faceta, you name it! They look really nice, especially when they fit nicely, ha. Mine are a bit too large but not too much. I can't wait to try Levis 501, that should be fun. 
But to cut to the real deal here, I am over the moon to show you these new sandals from L'Intervalle. Not even kidding, they are so comfy. When I got them I put them on and they were a bit tight... I almost freaked for a second. But since they are a real leather they should stretch. And they did, after about half an hour everything was ok in this world again.

Cardi- Promod, shirt- Pull&Bear, bag- Parfois, jeans- Levis 550 (vintage), shoes- L'intervalle shoes (here)


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  1. Bardzo mi się podoba :) tak na luzie na co dzień :)



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