Trend x LEVIS jeans.

Best trend so for, for sure! Lets bring real jeans back. No more thin ass jeans. If you have ever touched these vintage pairs you'll know how thick and strong the material is. I have one Cassuci pair and it is the best. Also one Levis 550 but it is a bit large on me. You have to be really careful with the sizing, especially if you aren't really sure about how the pair will stay on your body. Levis 550 is the ultimate mom jeans model but it can get quite large around the hips area. So on me it looks like a large potato bag. Smaller size might do the trick but I haven't really find a vintage store here in Slovenia. Ebay it is then.


  1. I love these jeans! I've been on the hunt for the perfect pair of Levi's for so long now!:) Love this inspiration!:) X


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