How to wear: 90s style.

90's is my favourite era, best style ever. High waist, Levi's, fluffy hair, oversized sweaters, all kinds of footwear.... uf! Wynona Rider, Molly Ringwald, Jon Bon Jovi... so many inspirations. I always feel myself when I dress inspired from these people and their style. Of course you can look ridiculous if you copy them because it is not 90's anymore but to add a little something is all right! 
Ideal 90's pieces are high waisted jeans, bandanas, all kind of denim, double denim, round glasses, ribbed material, choker necklaces, boots, sneakers. To incorporate one or two of those pieces will tell the whole story. Don't forget to follow me on Instagram to see more photos of this look. Click: instagram.com/katiquetteblog

Denim jacket- vintage
top- Tezenis
shorts- ASOS
sneakers- Converse


  1. Perfekcyjnie!

  2. Uwielbiam looki podchodzące pod grunge. Katana i conversy to moje małe namiętności. Kiedyś uwielbiałem nosić także bandany. Teraz rzadko mi się to zdarza :)



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