September favourites.

A bomb of my current favourites! A white watch from Urban watch is my newest addition and a nice change from the black ones. This one has nice wider strap and what I absolutely love about it is that the strap does not have stitches on the side. It makes a total difference and even more minimal style. 
Another favourite is Gucci perfume. I am a Gucci girl when it comes to perfumes. This one came out not long ago and I was dying to get it but the price tag... uf! Luckily I got it with a nice discount in Müller. I don't really like to spend a lot of money on perfumes nor I collect them as a lot of women do. I just grab my favourite and I am good for a looong time. 

urban watch london collection, all white watch, gucci bamboo perfume, tijn eyewear, round glasses, flat lay

urban watch london, white watch, round glasses, tijn eyewear


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