Grey scarf.

You know that Acne grey scarf you are seeing probably everywhere this winter? Well I am obsessed with it. But of course way to expensive. So I found this one instead in Graz. BikBok is a label I heard of before but never seen the store actually so it was quite refreshing. I loved the minimalist clothing there.

Coat- H&M, jeans- Asos, sweater- GAP, boots- Comma, scarf- BikBok



Denim lust.

These are some of my favourite models of jeans currently. Actually mom jeans but slimmer version. High waist of course! I want to have them all! Currently I have only a few of these models, gotta save money for more, ha! Never enough of good pairs of denim. Asos mom jeans are really good from my experience, good thick material and nice fit. I am currently testing Cheap monday Donna jeans and things are looking good. Also I'm searching for nice vintage Levis, 550 model is my favourite!

mom jeans, asos jeans, highwaisted denim, ripped jeans, shopping, urban outfitters, levis, cheap monday donna jeans

1- Cheap monday (here), 2- Cheap monday (here), 3- Asos (here), 4- Asos (here), 5- Urban Outfitters (here)


I can hear you.

Early Valentines gift came for me and I was really excited to get this one (FTR this is not a sponsored post)! A pair of a good earphones was always on my wishlist. I am no sound expert but since I always had the earphones that came with the phone I could actually hear the difference with these ones. They are the VASA model of Sudio earphones. I could actually hear every single beat, instrument in a song very clearly. Or maybe this time I was just listening very carefully, ha! But anyway let me tell you that these earphones knocked my socks off right off the bat. The packaging is absolutely gorgeous and this is the reason I had to take all the photos. You get this nice box that closes with a magnet and then you open this gift of God and you see two smaller boxes. In first one there are earphones and in second manuals and the most beautiful little leather bag to put your earphones in. I meannnnnnnn what! The best idea ever. No more tangled earphones, no sir! So basically you get a whole experience with these earphones. I will probably keep this whole box forever, ha! The black foam inside is a bit funky but this is probably the only thing that bothers me. The earphones itself are white and neat with rose gold housing. Lots of other colours available too, maybe a gift for your lover this Valentines day! Yes ma'am!

Use code KatisValentine'  for 15% off  Sudio Sweden earphones (click here)!

studio vasa, studio sweden, earphones, valentines day


Skinny scarf.

Finally I can get my skinny scarf up here! I've had it for a couple of months but just haven't put it here in an outfit photo. I really love how it makes the whole outfit complete. Basically you could see this kind of skinny scarf everywhere. I was loling all the time when I saw the prices for it, I mean 10 €+ for this piece of fabric? I got it at sales for low price but basically you could d it by yourself at home. It is just plain chiffon but I guess if it is trendy they will just try to sell it for triple the price regardless of what is it really worth. Like everything in todays world.

Scarf- C&A, shirt- H&M, jacket- Zara, jeans- vintage Cassuci



Never too much grey.

I had an an outfit left from the days when there was snow on the ground and it was cold af. Today is no different except without snow. Maybe it is for the best. This grey coat gives me life every time I put it on, I mean it. Everyone should own one! When you have enough of your black one, you just put a grey one on and the whole outfit is transformed. Obviously I can make a whole story around one coat, who knew. At the end of the day it is still just a coat with a job to make you warm, right? :)

Coat- C&A Premium, cardigan- GAP (here), hat, pants- Zara, sneakers- Converse, bag- Zaful, watch- Cluse (here)



Barbie doll.

This bodysuit is everything, the material is sooo good! You don't need anything underneath, the material just holds everything in place. Isn't that just like a dream? I don't really wear bodysuits because of that reason so this was a nice surprise. In combo with highwaisted jeans for extra points! Loveee! Also from front it looks really nice, minimalistic but there is action from behind. Surprise!

Bodysuit- TFNC London (here)



Double the fun.

January is always the worst, I always have to study, where is the fun in that. So, anyway, double denim! I am obsessed with denim lately, always in search for a nice pair of jeans. Highwaisted jeans in particular. I am in hunt for a good pair of vintage Levis currently. I found some good sellers on Asos Marketplace, they have been so nice. Also on Ebay I found some great Levis 501 jeans but the problem for me is the length. All are so short and I am so tall. The light washed jeans also sell out pretty quickly. Ohh, the struggle.

Jeans- H&M, shirt- Zara, jacket- vintage Carrera, bag- Promod, heels- Paper dolls 



The blues and greys.

Is spring already here? It sure feels like it! So warm around here but still good weather for this coat of mine, one of my favourite items this season. So yesterday I went to do a little shopping in Austria and of course I ended up with a bunch of make up, not really clothing. I feel like clothing is practically the same in stores in Slo and up there but make up on the other hand... so much more in Austria! Why is Slovenia so behind on this. I finally got my Beauty blender, can't wait to try it. Also two concealers that Tati is obsessing over and I have to try them out. I was hoping to get Zoeva palletes but they were sold out in the store. Too bad!

Jeans- H&M, shirt- Zara, coat- C&A Premium, heels- Bershka



Fringe business.

Some live in fringe booties action!

Get 'em at Bullboxer (here).


Chucks x dress.

Yesterday was finally a no snowing day so we could take some photos. But still it was quite foggy and I hate it. Photos come out all grainy because of the humid and what not. But still we took them. How fresh do my chucks look! Uhhhhh. Freshly unpacked. Black hi tops are my most classic pair, I have worn out every single pair I owned up until these ones. And these ones have their turn now. 
I don't wear a lot of dress x sneakers combos but this one I like, what do you think? This dress is fabbbb, really cut close to the body. And the material is ribbed, my favourite. 

Jacket- vintage Carrera, sneakers- Converse, coat- WalG (here), dress- WalG (here)



Perfect grey coat.

Happy New year you all! I am a little behind on all this but it still counts I guess, ha! :) I was fortunate enough to spent the first days of new year with the love of my life and in this cases I don't really spent any bigger time on computer. I am always really furious when I see couples on phones most of the time. Like when the movie in cinema ends they instantly grab their mobiles and sit there 5 minutes without saying anything. Just typing. What the heck!
So I was really searching for a good wool grey coat that is cozy and easy. And I finally found it. In a store that I don't really ever go in because I always saw their clothing a bit lower quality. But this time I saw their premium collection just randomly and fell in love with this grey coat. It is literally the most comfortable ever, it is woolen and warm as hell. And it is on sale right now in store! Also- IN LOVE with this bag! <3