White lingerie.

Second part of the lingerie collab is here! White edition now. White and delicate. And all lace. Soft bras are most definitely an it thing now, at least for me. If I put on a regular bra I just feel strange and not relaxed. So this kind of bras is what I wear most of the times. And it feels great.



Deep plunge.

Well well, how about changing the dress into a shirt for a day? I had this perfect kimono dress in my closet for about a year and now I got the idea of getting it tucked in as a shirt and it turned out great! I love plunging necklines. A little sassy but that's ok!
I also found these perfect booties on sales last week! Obsessed with these higher model, the fabrict wraps ankles perfectly. I never thought I will actually like this kind of boots anytime but now I am hooked.

Jeans- vintage, shirt/dress- Asos, bag- Zara (old), jacket- Zara, boots- Stradivarious, watch- Urban watch (code "katiquetteblog" for 15 % off!)



Knit coordinated.

Wadap ladybugs! I am so excited because I am finally on my way to cut my bundesliga hairstyle. I meaaan it is not really bundesliga but close enough. And that is also bad enough! My upper layer is waaay to short for me to handle. So we are going to chop them off a bit as they should have been weeks before. Gotta be stylish as other bloggers, yesssss.
So I have this coordinate skirt and sweater in my closet for a while now but no appropriate time or weather to really wear it. Also originally the sleeves of the sweater are in a shape of a bell and I don't really know if I like this. So I rilled them up a bit and it actually looks good. Also the fit is perfect, skirt makes your waist like a waist of a Cathie Jung. Almost. But for real, waist elastic or whatever is really really tight. 

Skirt, sweater- Chicwish (here), jacket- vintage, heels- Paperdolls, watch- Urban watch (use "katiquetteblog" for 15% off)



Red hot lace.

I sure hope you are as obsessed with lingerie as I am. Soft bras especially. I meaaaan how delicate does this red gorgeousness look? Freakin beautiful. I was planning to post this red hot for Valentines day but of course on the day of the arrival there was first day of snow and I did not get it in time. Buuuut here it is now. Cat and Candy has really the prettiest lingerie ever. Really delicate. Also true to size if you were or will ever be wondering.


Vintage wash.

Another double denim day, whats new! Can't help myself but double denim is really the best trend for me. Matchy matchy. The two pieces I am wearing are both vintage worn by both of my parents. So sometimes it is worth to check the old closets, really. Especially before you hit Ebay or Etsy for vintage pieces. You can find some great jeans for a good price up there but of course when you get a total with postage costs... basically the postage costs as much as the jeans itself. I don't know how this is even possible today.

Jeans, jacket- vintage, scarf- BikBok, sweater- GAP, sneakers- Adidas Stan Smith



Grey obsessed.

How did you spent your Valentines day? I had the a great day with the love of my life. We visited Bled. the weather wasn't the best but still. The lovers day lasted for two days here in our world so even better. I think if you love the person even more after this kind of days or actually more every day, this is it! :)
The grey is the colour, really. This grey coat was one of my best purchases in 2015. Also these grey denim pants, I have been wearing them all the time. Gotta find a grey pair in high waist, that would be great.

Coat- C& Premium, pants- Promod, shirt- Zara, sneakers- Adidas Stan Smith, watch- Daniel Wellington




Regarding clothing I adore Valentines day. Lingerie everywhere! I really love a nice piece of lingerie. Especially bodysuits lately. So delicate! This black one I found at H&M, the most perfect one ever!


Moms and stripes.

This has to be one of my favourite looks ever! Mom jeans, simple striped shirt, classic black watch and white sneakers. I am just learning that white sneakers really make a great statement. Always white colour shoes were just a no no but I am getting used to it. I will get there!
It is the first time I am wearing Cheap monday jeans and I am basically in love. Nice thick material, not cheap stretchy one. I guess their other models do have thin material but considering this Donna model, it is just perfect. Also my new all black beautiful watch is just sooooooooooooooooooooooooo pretty, I am basically wearing every single day. 

Use "katiquetteblog" for 15% off at Urban watch (here)

Shirt- Zara, jeans- Cheap Monday DONNA, sneakers- Adidas Stan Smith, watch- Urban watch (here)



Varsity jacket.

I found this great store that actually is really affordable (as the store name also applies- Five pound tee (click)). Basic shirts and jackets, nothing better. So I got this jacket and white shirt with red stripe on the back. On the back of the jacket it actually says 00 f*cks given and I think it's pretty cool. 
Last days were really busy but I have finally finished one part of my journey. I have finally graduated from college and I am really happy that this part of my life is over. :)

Alsooooo I am wearing my new watch from Urban watch (click click) and I have a discount for you! Use "katiquetteblog" for 10% off!

Jeans- H&M, bag- Young Hungry Free (old), sneakers- Adidas, jacket- Five pound tee (here), shirt- Five pound tee (here), watch- Urban watch (here)



The ultimate mom jeans.

So... these are the ultimate mom jeans. My mom literally wore them when she was younger. Who knew! They fit perfectly, really. Better than any modern jeans I own. And the material is much better also. Why don't they make this kind of jeans anymore? I was so happy when I found them, actually I just found some vintage jeans that would fit me on Ebay but luckily I found these ones accidentally the same day, ha! Talk about coincidence.
So I noticed some trend about extra long sleeves and with holes, it looks kinda different, don't you think?

Jeans- vintage Casucci, heels- Paper dolls, turtleneck- Chicwish (here)



How to make a suede choker necklace.

This has to be the easiest DIY I have ever made. As many I am too very much fond of this suede choker necklace trend. I really didn't want to spend any money on it so the other day I found my shoe laces that I ordered from Ebay two months ago. There was a little bit left and fortunately just enough for my choker necklace. Basically you just want to make sure that it is not very thick. They sell a bunch of sizes. Mine is 3 mm and you get quite a few meters for as little as 1$. I mean it depends on the seller. Would you even guess that this is a DIY necklace? :) 

Find the laces - herehere or here

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