Layer of stripes.

We went to Otočec the other day and I was wearing this camel coat with a pinch of stripes. Layers always make a dull outfit a good one. Layering a sweater with a white or striped shirt is a classic! Then a bit of colour just because it is spring time and you are good to go. Camel coats are my recent obsession. I had this one in closet for a year and only now I started to wearing it. 
Also how photogenic is this watch? I mean really, none of my other watches look so good on photos, ha! Scroll down for a discount code on the beauty!

Jeans- Asos, shirt- Zara, sweater- H&M Men, coat- Missguided, bag- Parfois, watch- Urban Watch (here, use code KATIQUETTEBLOG for discount!)



Levis 550.

Finally some Levis action, yes! I have been seeing this trend all over Insta, Pinsta, Faceta, you name it! They look really nice, especially when they fit nicely, ha. Mine are a bit too large but not too much. I can't wait to try Levis 501, that should be fun. 
But to cut to the real deal here, I am over the moon to show you these new sandals from L'Intervalle. Not even kidding, they are so comfy. When I got them I put them on and they were a bit tight... I almost freaked for a second. But since they are a real leather they should stretch. And they did, after about half an hour everything was ok in this world again.

Cardi- Promod, shirt- Pull&Bear, bag- Parfois, jeans- Levis 550 (vintage), shoes- L'intervalle shoes (here)



Trend x LEVIS jeans.

Best trend so for, for sure! Lets bring real jeans back. No more thin ass jeans. If you have ever touched these vintage pairs you'll know how thick and strong the material is. I have one Cassuci pair and it is the best. Also one Levis 550 but it is a bit large on me. You have to be really careful with the sizing, especially if you aren't really sure about how the pair will stay on your body. Levis 550 is the ultimate mom jeans model but it can get quite large around the hips area. So on me it looks like a large potato bag. Smaller size might do the trick but I haven't really find a vintage store here in Slovenia. Ebay it is then.


That round buckle bag.

From time to time me too gets sucked into designer bag mania. So many beautiful bags but so expensive. But I figure that a lot of times they are just trendy for a while and they go away quite soon. So I gather my strengths to find the perfect dupe. I would prefer an original but we will leave that alone for a couple of years more. So I always check Ebay, Aliexpress but this time I found it at Missguided. Who would have thought! I also saw a perfect one at Evan-Evina store. I stuck with Missguided one for now and I want black one also! 

Knit- GAP, jeans- H&M, sneakers- Adidas Stan Smith, bag- Missguided (HERE or similar HERE)



How to wear basics.

Spring is here finally and with this it comes the most basic outfit ever, jeans and leather jacket. What's new! But it truly never gets old. Love this kind of outfits. I got my new jacket in Paris so this is a lovely memory. Wanna wear the hell out of it this spring. A good leather jacket will never get old. Well mine is not real leather but anyhow. I can only dream about a good Acne jacket. Maybe someday...

Jacket- Zara, jeans- Asos, bag- Parfois, boots- Bershka, watch- Cluse, shirt- Five pound tee (here)



All the basics.

One of the basics is also a plain and simple sweater, sporty sweater. Overall I prefer oversized one but sometimes you have to have also a slim fit one. It is perfect for layering. A ribbed shirt would fir perfect under there. I had troubles finding a good plain black sweater so I got it at male section. Also when you are a tall lady with long arms it is better to check at men clothing because they have longer sleeves and the fit is the same if you choose a smaller size. No one will know! :)

Sweater- H&M, watch- Daniel Wellington, bag- Parfois, jeans- Cheap Monday Donna, sneakers- Adidas Stan Smith

cheap monday donna mom jeans, donna dream, stan smith adidas, basic outfit, minimalistic style



What to wear: Hot date.

Is it just me or is there never enough suggestions on what to wear on a date? Dates are my favourite thing to get dressed for, you can go fully dressed up, a little bit more casual, it is limitless! This time I chose my favourite leather pants and really low cut shirt. It is actually a dress but why not use it in different ways? If the material is thin and flexible enough you can do many things with it. 
Of course there are many dates you can go to, but hot dates are the best and you know it. Don't be afraid to be balder with clothing on that day! :)

Shirt/dress- Asos, pants- Topshop (old), heels- Paper dolls, watch- Urban watch (use "katiquetteblog" for discount!)



Basics: Adidas Stan Smith.

Right next to Adidas Superstar sneakers you have a little less chunkier and more sleek sneaker Adidas Stan Smith. Probably everyone has heard of these sneakers and they do deserve all the praise there is. They look chic with every single outfit there is, from jeans, skirt to formal pants. 
I don't know about you but I wanted white and black Stan Smiths but somehow I couldn't find them. Everywhere there was white and green, white and indigo, even white and animal print. I don't need no colours! Don't get me wrong, I love white-green combo but not for myself. I was searching for weeks to track down white and black combo. Basically they were nowhere to find, not even on Ebay. Sooo, I haven't found Stan Smith sneakers anywhere in Slovenia also which isn't surprising because... this is Slovenia. Much better selection in Austria, of course. It is worth to cross the boarder for some different products for sure. At the end I found the white-black pair in Zalando online store but of course they don't ship to Slovenia so we had to adjust a bit. Shipping girls first world problems!


Shades of fluff.

Happy women's day to all my beautiful lady readers! I hope you will spend a nice day, smell all the flowers that you might get really good! :) 
So in honour yesterdays few seconds of snowing here is the fluffiest faux fur jacket ever. And I mean it! Fluffy and warm af. It has a bit short sleeves for me which is an every day tall girl problem so I don't even mind anymore. And this bag... just can't get enough of it. Parfois is for sure one of my favourite bag stores. The best sale find. It actually has large fringes originally so you can switch it up a bit sometimes.

Shirt- Five pound tee, jeans- Asos, boots- Bershka, bag- Parfois, watch- Cluse, jacket- Chicwish




I love me some taupe colour, that's for sure. I have a range of purpleish lipsticks, but there was still an eyeshadow palette missing. So I've found LunatiCK cosmetics labs, wanted to test them out so here it is. Btw vegan and cruelty free.

EYESHADOW PALETTE "supernatural" - here
The shadows are reeeally pigmented and buttery. Three mattes and two shimmer. The most disappointing of them all is probably the lightest shimmer shade. It just does not bring that pop up there on the lid. But the rest of them are heaven. The last two shades in the palette are my favourite, perfect taupe colours. They all look as the name of the pallet implies- supernatural. 

lunatick cosmetics, supernatural eyeshadow palette, taupe mauve eyeshadow, makeup, swatches

BULLET LIPSTICK "bruja" - here
Again mauve- purpleish colour, very creamy formula, you can build it up in a really intense colour. Personally I like it a bit low key so I only put a sheer layer of it on my lips to give them a bit of that mauve colour.

bruja, bullet lipstick, mauve taupe lips, creamy lipstick, lunatick cosmetics



Formal x Adidas.

Favourite tee is up again. I could wear Adidas tee every day, I swear. Still searching for a reverse Adidas shirt like this one that I already have. Black logo on white fabric would be like a dream but they are not selling it anywhere. Whyyy!
Don't forget to use discount code "katiquetteblog" for discount at URBAN WATCH (here). I really love this watch, it is really comfortable to wear, sleek, thin, lightweight. Perfect.

Cardigan, pants- H&M (old), shirt- Adidas Originals, bag- Zara, sneakers- Adidas Stan Smith, watch- Urban watch (here)



Nude layers.

Two Gap sweaters caught my eyes a few months ago. They were on sale and only a few large sizes left so it was actually perfect, they fit perfectly as oversize. I always think you should check all sales if you like oversized clothing, you can basically get everything you want for a good price. 
Sooo just randomly I saw that the Kylie lip kits were restocked and I actually put out the order but somehow I am still waiting for the confirmation email. I have read that soooo many people had troubles with it and it is too funny, everybody flipping over about some lip colours, haha. Oh, the world.

Sweater- Gap, shirt- H&M, jeans- Asos, boots- Bershka, bag- Parfois