The Boltons.

We are finally here in London and I fell in love with these classic London houses. White ones especially. I mean, can I live there? This city is the perfect mixture of modern and classic. The cars also! Some very old ones, some of the most expensive ones and a lot of in between. And with all this there was a must to wear my vintage Levi's when I search for new pair again. I love this city as when I was here the first time. I hope you can see my initials on the lamp behind me! How cool is that?! Now is time to do some shopping finally!

Jeans- vintage Levi's 501
Jacket- Zara
Shirt- Asos
Watch- Urban watch
Backpack- Humanic
Sneakers- Adidas Stan Smith



Marble everything.

Finally we are leaving for London! Instead of already being there, uh. But I am not leaving without my marble accessories. I always wanted a marble phone case but everywhere I was only seeing hard cases. So this store Snupped came out with marble gel cases and it is a breath of fresh air for me. I love it! I went for white colour but maybe the black or grey would be a better choice because phone picks up so many dirt and on white it shows. But not on my laptop case so all good with this one!

Phone & laptop case- SNUPPED (here)
Earphones- Sudio Sweden (here)


Grey x khaki.

As much as I love black and whites, grey and khaki can not be forgotten. These jeans are just so good, Asos really know how to work their magic. Perfectly fitted, high waist, uf. If I remember correctly the model is called Ridely. Apart from that one, their Farleigh model is a pure perfection too. So with so skinny jeans the best option is to balance it and wear your shirt or jacket loose fit!
So right about now I was supposed to be in my favourite London city and thanks to French strikes my flight was cancelled. I have never experienced such thing and it is completely and utterly bad. Friday flight was sold out so we got Saturday flight just before this one was sold out too! I mean, what is happening! So now I am going to spend two days less in this magical city. Freakin #life.  

Maybe you are a minimalist like me and you don't wear jewellery like...ever! But I discovered one awesome label with such clean cut and minimal rings that I had to get them and try them out. Also I got you a 20% off code! Use "KATIQUETTE" at Rachel Jackson London (here). <3

Jacket- Bershka Men
Shirt- H&M
Jeans- ASOS
Heels- Glamorous




Dress with strings? Yes, please! And if it is ribbed, that much better. A little white dress is also an ultimate piece in your wardrobe, perfect for those summer dates. Makes your tanned skin pop even more! Uh, I can't wait for summer to start, a lot of dresses and shorts are waiting to be worn.



Skirt & sneakers.

Skirt times are here, finally! It was about time. There is nothing better than a little ribbed black skirt, pairing it with anything. This time with some Chucks. I bet I will be like 50 and still wearing them. Classic piece. Also a black skirt is a must in your classic collection. So I have basically all basic t-shirt in my closet, no more pinks with flowers and stuff like that. And if you actually like your shirts like that, you can save so much money! Win win.

Sneakers- Converse
Trench- Zara
Shirt- Asos
Skirt- Boohoo



How to wear: Pointed flats.

These pointy flats are all over the Pinterest and they are so easy to wear and combine. So many options! I love to wear them with a pair of jeans and a large knit. I can't wait to seek for some extra large knit in London along with some white jeans. So hard to find a good affordable pair with high waist. Also I am still searching for some vintage store in London with Levi's jeans so I am full blown ready up there. Oh, the excitement! 

Jeans- Asos
Sweater- H&M
Watch- Daniel Wellington (use "DW_katiquette" for 15% off)
Flats- Mango



Style snaps #3

It is essential to have a date on your watch too, not only two clock pointers, right? Don't want this to sound like an ad but I have always been a fan of Daniel Wellington watches and they have a new model with date, yes ma'am! Dapper 34mm. Also "DW_katiquette" is still valid for 15% off on your new beauty.

Jeans- Levi's vintage
Sweater- H&M (here)


Paris #tb

In excitement of my future London trip I was digging through my Paris photos and found this one. Uh, Eiffel tower was great. We went there on the first and the last day. So we are leaving for London really soon, I sooo excited to see the Kensington Palace once again. Literally obsessed with queen Victoria, as I was three years ago.



Denim x white tee addict.

There is a billion ways to wear a pair of Levi's, really. My favourite is of course with Chucks and a plain white tee. Talking about white tees, how hard it is to find a good one. I am swearing by Asos tees but it is really important to invest in basic tees if you wear them a lot. You can spot a cheap white tee from far, real talk.
Sooo I am already getting ready for my London trip, it is going to be sooooo much fun! I have fun just thinking about it! Just a couple more weeks!

Sneakers- Converse (here)
Shirt- H&M (here)
Jeans- Levi's 501 vintage
Sunglasses- ZeroUV (here)



Low back LBD.

I love combining bodysuits and bodycon skirts together, that way you can always have a different LBD each time. This body is button down and the inspiration for me was Line by Karla Deras. Unfortunately her clothing is quite expensive but this bodysuit seems like a good replacement. She has the best clothing ever, really. I would buy it all or better I will buy them all when RICH, of courseee.
Usually I would not add any jewellery but I just got a couple of rings from Rachel Jackson and they are so perfectly minimalistic. I will show them to you soon.

Skirt- Boohoo
Bodysuit- Glamorous
Heels- Glamorous
Trench- Zara



Block heel.

Block heels are so on point right now, you can get the basically everywhere. These ones from L'Intervalle are so comfy, I would have never guessed from looking at them. So the white-black-denim looks aren't going nowhere currently, everlasting! Every jeans has a different shape and it's own story so why not. Denim addiction is for real this time.
So finally I am going to London one more time! I couldn't be more excited, it has been my wish from the moment I returned home from London a few years ago. I am ready for some royal injection. If I could I would wear a vintage royal gown while there, obsessed with that time.

Cardigan- Promod
Jeans- H&M,
 Top- Asos
Bag- Parfois