Basic wear.

Yeees, a new pair of Converse! I posted these beauties up here already but not an outfit. Converse look so good with oversized sweaters. Since they are fitted at the ankle they would look awesome with relaxed jeans too. But in all honesty they look good with anything. I was always a black Chucks kinda girl but it was time for a change. I still have a new pair of blacks and this time I got a leather pair. I wanna try them in the colder days that are coming. 
I noticed lately quite a few bloggers are buying at the men section and basically you should to. I love buying basic sweaters and hoodies at the men section. The material is waaay better and the price too. I also have a bomber jacket from their section. Every time worth to check it out! :)

sweater- David Beckham for H&M
jeans- Levi's 501 vintage
sneakers- Converse
backpack- Sammydress



Stappy sandals x work wear.

Last days to wear summer outfits. I was struggling what to wear for work some time but blazer does it for me every time. The other day I got these GORGEOUS sandals, they are stunning. The heel is high AF but at least they look good and that's all that matters, right? Just kidding. So easy to pair them with anything. Actually I can not wait to wear them with some jeans. I have been reviving my jeans collection with jeans that I actually love. Talking about jeans, Levi's noticed my photos of their jeans on Instagram a few time ago and they reposted my photo. How cool is that?! Honestly my fave brand of jeans next to Asos jeans which are more budget friendly. Check it out on their Insta profile!

blazer- Promod



September favourites.

A bomb of my current favourites! A white watch from Urban watch is my newest addition and a nice change from the black ones. This one has nice wider strap and what I absolutely love about it is that the strap does not have stitches on the side. It makes a total difference and even more minimal style. 
Another favourite is Gucci perfume. I am a Gucci girl when it comes to perfumes. This one came out not long ago and I was dying to get it but the price tag... uf! Luckily I got it with a nice discount in Müller. I don't really like to spend a lot of money on perfumes nor I collect them as a lot of women do. I just grab my favourite and I am good for a looong time. 

urban watch london collection, all white watch, gucci bamboo perfume, tijn eyewear, round glasses, flat lay

urban watch london, white watch, round glasses, tijn eyewear


Highwaisted bikini.

Another Sardinia beach snap story! I miss the sea so much, uf. I think sea is the cure for everything, my skin is like brand new after some time in the water and my whole body feels renovated. Also I miss wearing all my swimsuits. This bikini below is my favourite. High waisted bottom and bandeau top in nude colour. I bought it in Italy just a few weeks before my trip, it was love at first sight. Actually just around that time there were photos of Kim Kardashian wearing similar bikini so that was a coincidence! 
I love pairing interesting bottom with a simple t-shirt, just as you saw in my first Sardinia post, check it out HERE if you haven't already. Hurry, hurry hurry! 

bikini- Sisi swimwear



Black and white combination.

And we are back! This vacation was so good, so chill I can not even believe. I never thought we will have such a nice time down there. Island life is a life goal for me, really. When were just at the beach almost every day, we didn't have internet except at the tourist office... life went so slowly but in a good way, I was really feeling like we are having a quality time together. But then one day we went for a billion hour drive and the day ended in a snap so this was a day I would skip today. And now here we are back in Slovenia, working in the morning and everything, time flies and we basically live to work and not the other way around. Hate that.
White high waisted jeans are still one of my favourites. This outfit is from before my vacation and I can not wait to take photos of some new clothing! So many new things in my closet.  



Black one piece.

Internet made me buy this, really. I was never a one piece swimwear girl but they are quite comfy, I'll give them that. I was searching for a nice piece and luckily I was just strolling through H&M page since they are shipping to Slovenia too... and found these ones. Actually they had straps in the front but I cut them of so they are practically original now, ha. They have gorgeous minimalist back, I will show it to you in one of my next posts so make sure you follow me. It is really pretty. 



White swimsuit.

While we were packed up in our Porto San Paolo we actually rented the car here. Main reason was a trip to Calgiari but the second was to see more beaches. We went a bit more south, not far and found this gorgeous beach with blue sea and white sand. How pretty does it look! In the evening when the sun goes down it gets just all white-gray, perfect. Also during the day there is A LOT of people but as soon as the sun goes a bit lower they are gone and you can be practically alone at this enormous beach. This is the main reason I love Sardinia, you can actually be alone at a nice beach. Dream.

shirt- ASOS



Travel diary x Sardinia x Cagliari.

Yesterday we went on a long trip to the main city in Sardinia, Cagliari. It is way down on the south end of Sardinia island, about three hours drive from our apartment. We didn't see much there but at least the view from the top of the city was great. Later we did a little shopping. Finally I decided to get a Too faced palette and of course it was sold out in local Sephora. What the helllll! It was not ment to be. The real struggle just began after the fall of the darkness and the roads were really badly visible. Nice experience for a driver, these italian roads! No wonder there were a lot of damaged cars here, ha. 

shirt- ASOS
skirt- Zaful
espadrilles- ASOS



Nude swimmies.

Our first whole day here in Sardinia and there was raining and whole lots of bad weather. But we were lucky at the evening and went to visit a  nearby beach, Costa Diego if I am correct. It is so beautiful here, like in a movie. Even the path to it was kinda magical. I don't know if it because it is September but there is not lots of people! Which is awesome. We were basically alone at the beach. Dream! 
This nude swimsuit is one of my favourites this season, I saw it at Asos and grabbed it immediately. Upper part looks a lot like bottoms, also with two side straps. Ohh just love them. 

bikini- ASOS
espadrille- ASOS 
sunglasses- ZeroUV



Red lips combination.

I rarely wear red lipstick because so much of them makes my teeth damn yellow! The Kylie lip kit in red shade was supposedly blue based and I had to try it. Surprisingly it doesn't look that bad. I also have very fair skin and this one is really pigmented so it really pops on my skin. Teeth problem is not really solved but it is a bit better. Anyway I would probably be afraid to wear that shade during the day and scaring everybody, ha. It also leaves a line inside of the lips so that's not that good too!
I am slowly getting ready for out Italy trip!  Where will be a lot of crop tops and Levi's jeans and sunglasses! These ones are a large round ones from Tijn Eyewear. Check 'em out.

Mary Jo K, kylie lip kit review, kylie cosmetics, levis 501, tijn eyewear, minimal

jeans- Levi's 501 vintage
shirt- New Look



How to wear: Off Shoulders.

How trendy is off the shoulder top right now? It is literally EVERYWHERE. And here too, finally! I love it! I've been wearing my black off shoulder shirt quite a lot and I am searching for a white basic one, more comfortable option than this bouncy one that I am wearing today. How cool does it look with formal pants? I have seen a lot of combos with short jeans, high waisted jeans, sneakers and similar clothing so I wanted to put in a little formal pants since I have been wearing jeans in so many of my latest outfits. Denim addicted girl, what can I say.