That basic mohair sweater.

Another shopping day Cyber Monday and another normal post from me! While everyone was posting their shopping lists and best deals I was just trying to keep it normal. It was crazy on every web page anyway! Oh the fun materialistic world. 
And another day another outfit full of basics. This mohair sweater is somehow really popular, it was sold out quite fast. Truly one of the best basic pieces in my closet so it was definitely worth to get it. In this fast fashion world you just have to stay true to yourself and don't slip into trends too much. The amount of money you can spend it just crazy. My best piece of advice is to get only one or two trendy pieces and the rest of them just basic essentials. If you think about it you can wear the basics even for ages but trendy pieces... probably not.

hm mohair turtleneck sweater, kylie lip kit pumpkin matte lipstick, leather jacket

leather jacket- New Yorker (old)




Black Friday is here! So many great deals are online, I am drowning in them. Especially makeup deals, I feel like you can find much more good deals for clothes on regular days than makeup. But still, Asos having a 20% off for the whole weekend is pretty major!  
I really wanted to try that fishnet trend but you can not really see it on my outfit photos. Only some kind of sock in heels! Fishnet adds a little something to spice the outfit up. The whole stockings look good but only on photos, ha! So anyway a lot of photos are rolling around Instagram and Pinterest with this trend. Ready or not, it comes under your skin just like a lot of the trends. This one is at least cheap so anyone can try it out!

heels- Bershka



Kylie lip kit x Kristen.

Sooo, I've never really done a lipstick post but since I am a lipstick lover it was about time to do that. I know that I am not the only one that has a problem with online photos and swatches because in real life every lipstick shows really dark on me. Throughout the last year I managed to minimise that problem but from time to time I still hit that lipstick that it looks really perfectly nude on every other girl online but when I put it on... boy oh boy. First world problems, I know! 
So I wanted to own a couple of Kylie lipsticks for a while but there just wasn't the right shade among them that was worth the price. I just figured I would get two of them because of the horrendous shipping. But finally there was fall and Pumpkin was released. That was it! Kristen was already on my wishlist because I am a natural blonde and practically all of the red lipsticks are too harsh for my fair skin tone. Kristen just seemed... perfectly muted. And it truly is. Perfect red for me. Anyway I've tried Kylie formula before so I knew what I was diving into and this shade did not disappoint either. So soft and basically it lasts longer than my any other lipstick, from NXY, Milani, Colourpop or any other. 

kylie lip kit kristen, kristen on fair skin tone, blonde, muted red matte liquid lipstick

kylie lip kit kristen, kristen on fair skin tone, blonde, muted red matte liquid lipstick



Double Converse.

One of my favourite labels is for sure Converse. I always buy their sneakers as backup because they get used up kinda quickly but still they are the best sneakers to wear. I don't even remember how many pairs I've had, all in black version. Loved to wear them to work where I was working long hours, all time on foot. If I were to pick one pair to wear for the rest of my life they would defenitely be the chucks. So now I dived into their clothing a bit, visited the Converse store in Zagreb the other day and luckily they had 50% of all their clothing. Snached this shirt that was on my wishlist for a while. Another one of the basics! 



How to wear: Basic black shirt.

Black shirt is a true essential in any closet. Right after white one! Works with any outfit in my opinion. I snatched this one at H&M online store. Basically I prefer their online store than the actual store in the city. Way more products and also you can find a good deal. So long story short I have been spending way too much time checking their stuff and I want it all. I posted my favourite oversized sweaters from there already in one of my previous posts but they really do have a huge selection of oversized pieces. I don't think I have come across of that many in any other affordable store. So if you are oversize obsessed go check it out.

heels- Rosegal



Insta wall.

Always love to take a few insta photos but I rarely share them here on my blog. That's why you should follow me on Instagram! Come on, I don't bite. From beautiful roses from my love to even my latest makeup additions, it's all up there! Go check it out, let me know what you think.

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Oversized camel coat.

Camel coat strikes again! So cold lately and from all the stores I found H&M to have one of the prettiest camel coats. Depends from what you are searching for but if you are after oversized and comfy coats this one might be the one for you. It is really important to me that it is partly made from wool and this one has it all. Total package, yesss yesss. I linked it below if you might be interested and also if you subscribe you get a discount so you can snatch it for 60 €. Dope, right?
Alsooo I am really happy to get to know Parfois new collection through this black beauty of a bag. They are one of my favourite bag brands truly. You might expect that for the price they look cheap but in my opinion quite the contrary.

shirt- ASOS
pants- ASOS
glasses- Replay
hat- H&M



True chunky knit.

Fall pieces continue... and also I am slowly getting ready for winter because you know... winter is coming! Oversized knitwear works in both seasons of the year and if you like basic pieces you better invest in ones that are a bit higher quality. As I stated in my previous posts this year I decided to to invest in some oversized heavy knits that are maybe a bit more expensive that I would usually pay. And they are totally worth it. This one from todays outfit especially. I mean look at it! So large and thick. It for sure gives you something for the price. They have it in nude and grey colour too... serious temptation! You know you like something when you want it in every colour, ha!
So since the american election is over I can tell you a fun fact. Since a lot of you don't know where I come from... I am from the same country as future american first lady Melania Trump! Gotta be quite something to come from here to the White house.

loafers- Zara



The mohair knitwear.

About time to get ready for cold winter days. I have posted some of my favourite H&M premium knitwear here not so long ago and now I got myself a few to try them out. Are they worth the price? A lot of times you don't really think of quality when H&M comes your way. But they have a premium collection and with that come higher prices. So I decided to give it a go and test them out. Surprisingly they don't look cheap at all. With this grey one I went with a bigger size just because I like oversized sweaters. I wish it would be thicker but it still seems to be warm. Best part of this one are really long sleeves! Not sure if it is worth the price tho...



Fishnet trend.

Fishnets are back! I remember they were kinda in when I was younger. But now I first saw them at Kim K instagram and since then... boom. Kinda love the fishnet ankle socks!

Get fishnet stockings HERE or HERE or HERE

fishnet fashion, trends, kim kardashian, kylie jenner coachella


Double Levi's.

Double Levi's! Iconic denim brand not only has great pants but jackets too. I had to find myself one! Got a great deal on Ebay for this one. It is not really what I have been searching for but it will be fine until I find a better one. This is always one of the "perks" of online shopping! Especially with vintage clothing. Vintage sizes and vintage models are way different from nova day clothing. I have been getting a lot of questions about my Levi's pants and it is really hard to actually tell how to find a good pair that will actually fit like you imagine it to fit. But I definitely do know how hard it is to find the pair of pants you are seeing all over Pinterest.

denim jacket- Levi's vintage
jeans- Levi's 501 vintage