Kylie lip kit x Pumpkin.

I hate the hype over Kylie Jenner make up line but honestly her products are some of my favourites. I've tried a lot of liquid lipsticks and whenever I need a longwear lipstick like when I  am travelling I go back to these darn lip kits. Pumpkin is truly unique shade. I tried to find a dupe everywhere but no luck for me. So I ended up buying it on their website. Not disappointed at all. Soft, stays on really long time, comfortable. But I guess it depends on the lips after all.

kylie lip kit pumpkin, kylie jenner, burnt orange matte liquid lipstick

kylie lip kit pumpkin, kylie jenner, burnt orange matte liquid lipstick


Pink faux fur.

A little colour for after Christmas! A nice muted pink is always welcome in my black and white closet. I've been looking for a nice faux fur coat for a while and found it at Lasula boutique. Long enough and high up all to the neck. I've always wanted a huge black one so I will have to wait for that one a bit. But faux fur coats are certainly nice addition to your coat selection! They make instant difference in an outfit especially if you like to dress like me for example.



Not just another materialistic blog post.

Hi guys! Christmas is here and instead of posting some holiday giveaway or promoting some materialistic stuff I decided to post something that really matters. I refuse to have a blog based just on materialism and capitalism because I am much more than that. I like nice clothing but I would love even more to live in a world where everyone has a chance to live their life the way they want. Just as I have.

Christmas time is truly beautiful time of year and we should be grateful for what we have. For the life that was given to us, that we are not hungry, sleep in soft bed, have a chance to educate ourselves. But at the same time we must realize that too many people in the world do not have the same as we do. This may be because they were unfortunate enough to be born in different culture, different part of the world. I love to watch documentaries about issues in the world and I came upon one about child marriages by Stephanie Sinclair which inspired me to try to raise avareness even if just in a few people. The fact that there are so many girls underaged and forced to marry an older man it is just heartbreaking. This ruins their chance to get education and later to be independent in that way, to have a chance for a normal childhood, they are more likely to be abused by their husband and they can not live life that they want because their husbands won't permit it. As much as we must respect other cultures, we must also see what is truly wrong with it. And if a child must get married to prevent the family from disgrace and poverty, we have to see a problem there.
One of the biggest fears of mine is that I will be misstreated just because I am a woman. And to hear that in some cultures this happens to a 15 year old girl is too much. I found this page GIRLS NOT BRIDES that is dealing with this matter and, you know, if you want to know more about this, check them out.

I want to thank you for reading this post and wish you a merry Christmas! 



Coffee brown.

Shearling jackets are a piece that will always be around. So you better invest in a good one, warm one. I had one in black and now this brown one joined the club. The details on this one are nice and usually the details are what I love at shearling jackets. Nice cuffs, high neck, soft padding to keep you warm. You have a selection in most of stores currently, I have been eyeing the one at Zara since it came out. But until then this one will do just fine. Perfect details! That kind of jacket is perfect for when you think your outfit is too dull. Kinda similar effect as leather jacket has on an outfit! I also got you a nice discount at Lasula boutique! If you use "KATARINAV15" you will get 15% off price, yesssss!



Travel diary x Vienna.

While we were in Vienna we visited Schönbrunn palace. And as the name says it really is schön. I really love visiting rich, baroque palaces or any kind of palaces at that point. Schönbrun is really nice, I was comparing it to Versailles all the time. But I have to say I preferred the Versailles gardens more, so majestic. When I travel I love to wear comfy clothes because who does not! You can not really walk around in heels all day. I saw one girl in heels going up hill to see the view of the palace and my head was spinning, ha! I was dead at the end of the day in my flat boots, I can not imagine wearing heels. So I was so excited to snap some photos in fron of Schönbrunn palace, such nice details everywhere. 


Best winter sweater?

Best freakin' sweater EVER! Do you know when you just want a really warm sweater for cold winter days but somehow companies are just selling you that thin knits? I know. Well sometimes you have to check that sweaters with a higher price tag but that is not always the solution! Sometimes they are even thinner. What the heck! I noticed this sweater while browsing through H&M online store and then on blogger Pepa Mack website (love her!), looked kinda cool, oversized, thick. Everything was in stock, nice. Got black one, fell in love, then got this grey/nude one and fell in love once again. This sweater is SO warm, just what I have been dreaming of all these years. This grey one is 100% wool and interesting enough, the black sweater is 95% wool. Does not seem much but in my opinion the texture is very different between the black and grey one even though they are selling them as the same sweater, different colour. Also the size is WAY different between these two. Grey one is actually a size bigger on label but in reality it is smaller.



How to wear: Padded jacket.

Padded jackets are in again! Who knew. I was browsing through online stores but of course most of them are fitted. But them I saw one at H&M and it is oversized model and I fell in love. It has to make some kind of a statement if you are going to wear it. Oversized model makes just that in my opinion. Falls nicely over the shoulders. But I guess you can not find boxy fit quite often. Maybe for higher price. But anyway this jacket was perfect for our trip to Vienna this weekend. We had a really nice time, pretty exhausting at the end but it's ok. My legs and back are still hurting two days after. 

sweater- ASOS Men



What is trendy right now?

A little something about current trends through my eyes! Trends are so IN one day and the next day... gone baby gone. I am sure some of these will be out in one month or so but since we live in a world of fast fashion the trendy piece that you might buy today will come back in two years and in that time you will be the first one to rock it on the streets because you will own it already! Oh, the perks.
So lets start with fishnet stockings because you probably know about them and they are everywhere. Next we have some velvet boots which are not so good for winter but not judging whatsoever. Then here is a nice oversized sweater along with dope oversized shirt which you can borrow from your fathers closet too btw. Tip- you can layer them quite nicely for a good minimal effect. Then we have a patent leather skirt or better pants! I could not find the pants anywhere so skirt will do. And the last is padded jacket! Who knew they will be all over Pinterest. Dope huh? I got mine from H&M and it was sold out online really fast but luckily they had it in one of the stores. But hey, maybe you should just grab your old one, everyone has it.


How to wear: Logo shirt.

Don't you just love a good "There's something about Mary" hairstyle and basic logo shirt from your favourite brand? This is one of the options on how to wear a logo shirt. It is such a nice addition to an outfit instead of just a plain white or black shirt. Currently I am only missing a Levi's t-shirt in my logo shirts collection and then it will be complete. There is always that one more piece that you want, magical never ending circle. 
I also wanted to show you how to wear a pieces from men section! Once again I am wearing two items from the men section, shirt and belt. I was looking for a wider belt for a while but of course they make kinda thinner for women and also the prices for wider ones are quite high. But when you look at the men selection... cheaper belts and usually better quality. Asos especially has a great lengths of belts. I take the XS one and it fits perfectly. Doesn't hurt to check men pieces once in a while! 

converse shirt, There's something about Mary hair